Sewing class….

I recently spent a few days with a great friend and one day was, as last time, a day sewing with a  Busy Bee.  Perfect day!

I decided on making a cover for my sewing machine and went armed with my measurements and the plastic cover which came with the machine.

It can be quite daunting when starting a new project but I was soon underway, having chosen my fabrics for the ‘grass’ the flowery base of the caravan and the top.

The grass and the flowers and the creamy top colour were sewn together and then the quilting began.. so exciting. There was a pattern of course, you can easily find these online.

One the whole thing was quilty it was shaped and then we started on the doors and windows. Due there being so much chatting and laughing during the day, I made my windows and curtains and started on the window frames and then took it all home to finish…. with plenty of helpful advice!

When I was home I decided to add a vase of flowers to one window and a window box to another….


img_7414.jpg This was just a few leaves drawn on with a fabric pen, a felt vase and a few yellow buttons.

After sewing everything together it’s done! I’m very pleased with it. I added bunting too.
The sharp eyed of you may notice that Mrs Littleton has also made one…


Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie

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Leeks ….

I’m so sorry to keep showing my doll house makes, the thing is I need lots of things to keep introducing into my story and so I have to make them, then before I know it the week has gone and my self-imposed challenge of a weekly blog comes around and the only thing I’ve done is at 1/12th scale.

Well, if you’re following my little tale you’ll be aware of the allotment and the fact that vegetables in season come all at once and in the days before freezers this made life difficult and menus potentially very boring even with the most inventive of cooks!

My daughter gave me the lovely market stall to make.
I did so and made lots of vegetables from Fimo Polymer clay which is lovely to use.
But, and this is a bit of a secret, I stuck the veg to the stall with glue (well it’s very small and they are fiddly and I am clumsy!).
I decided to make some more veggies, brown paper bags may be my next make!

A rainy Saturday afternoon proved the perfect time to use a supply of DAS air-hardening clay I had.
Fimo requires baking. So I tried with the clay and found it really nice to work with, I made loads of fruit and veg.
When it was dry (I left till Sunday afternoon) I painted it.
Some pieces I varnished – but only those which look better shiny.

So far I have only brought in the leeks to show you. The maid is going to use her new soup tureen and make some leek and potato soup. She entertains the girls of the house by telling them that if they sleep with a leek underneath their pillow they will dream of their future husband, the girls are young but recognise this as a humorous tale. Well, I think they did….

So here are my leeks:-
I just rolled long sausages, then I cut one end off and flattened the other, slightly stretching the clay to make it look leek-like. I painted the leeks white with acrylic paint, let that dry completely and then used a couple of green acrylics to dab the end and then colour the flattened out end, I just smudged the paint down the leek with my finger and let it dry, what do you think? Leek like? They will only be seen in black and white Instagram’s #willowfilter but here they are in glorious colour! Sorry I didn’t take more photos, I had very orange hands from the clay so my verbal description will have to do.


just the leeks

and finally, just for you, the Littleton’s kitchen in colour…

Thanks for reading,
I’ll be back soon
Love Rosie

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A Wedding Anniversary Card

A couple of years ago I made an anniversary card, using pens and gels to create an image which has been inspired by cross-stitch.

I used to really enjoy cross-stitching, then moved on and haven’t ever gone back.
I really like Jo Verso’s books though, P1090191 she has created an encyclopaedia of cross-stitch patterns for just about everything!

So, I decided to cheat! I drew a pencil grid on the card and drew on the xxx’s to look like stiches…          p1090189.jpg

Then turned to the alphabet pages in the book.. P1090190 and started to spell out the names and dates I wanted to ‘sew’.

Then as you can see I sewed some hearts and blobbed on some pearly gel…

and that was it, I’ve taken out the date to preserve the privacy of the recipients.

Fun to do, and a whole lot quicker than sewing! (Though I do love to sew)

Back soon,
love Rosie

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That tray…

Well I said I didn’t like it, that poor tray has had another re-do.
A friend recently gave me a bag full of small plastic discs…I’ve been trying to think of what I could do with them. So when I thought I’d given the tray a re do I tried laying on the discs, they fit perfectly across and so I tried them along the length of the tray – again a perfect fit!

So, I ripped off the lovely Rob Ryan paper and stuck the discs on with PVA.
Then when dry I coloured the discs with my favourite Pental Paint marker…and then the bits in between.

img_7199.jpg    img_7200.jpg

That’s it, I quite like it now. I’ll give it a coat or two of varnish and leave it alone now!


Back soon,
Love Rosie


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A quick drawing ….

I don’t know where time is going lately, but the other day I left work nice and early – the joys of flexi-time working.
I got home, flicked on the radio, made a cup of tea, sat down at my desk and decided to just draw and see where my pencil took me…

I just started drawing a flower with big petals and added some leaves, all very simple shapes…
img_7083-e1518201751230.jpgThen I started to colour with very fine felt tip pens and using lines, it saves the ink in the pens but I also like the texture it gives, you can give a little definition by using the lines closer together or wider apart.

Once I’ve finished I decided it needed a little something else, so I coloured in with crayons…

and that was that, it’s gone in my frame in the bathroom for a while.

Thanks for reading,
love Rosie

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Baked Potatoes….

You probably know by now, that I spend quite a lot of my time in a house of little people. Well to keep the stories going I have to keep making and buying new props. Recently I was using some air-drying clay to model some fruit and veg.

I was trying to think of what else I could do and considered baked potatoes in their jackets… but was this a food that a rather middle class family in 1908-ish London would eat?
I tried to do some research and it seems it was considered a ‘street food’.
Well I’m sure the Littleton’s maid would enjoy eating it, and once the delicious smell of baking potato began to waft it’s way through the house, the rest of the family started to enjoy this delicious way to eat the humble potato.
So not much of make really, I just rolled balls of clay, made them a bit oval/potato shaped, made the bottom flat and then cut an opening and let them dry.

Once dry I painted the inside buttery yellow cream and the outside baked potato skin brown. I gave the skins a little brush of varnish.
I also made a little pat of butter for the butter dish… and then I left them to enjoy their luncheon.

img_6971.jpg   img_6921.jpg   img_6869-copy.jpg

Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie



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A tray re-do… might be re-done over again…

After a disastrous Christmas in my craft sales due to keeping everything off Etsy for a craft fair which didn’t go to plan, so there’s quite a lot of Christmas themed things left.
I realise there is a Christmas every year but some things are too bulky to store and so, I’m changing them.

This tray was all set for Christmas with Christmassy paper decoupage and ‘Let it snow’ written on in a snow white permanent marker.IMG_6406

So I scrapped off the paper and then gave the whole thing a jolly good sanding down.


Once done, I rummaged through my collection of papers and found some Rob Ryan paper cut wallpaper samples, (if you don’t know Rob’s work click on the link attached to his name above, lovely paper cuts).
I had these samples after seriously considering the paper for my bedroom, however once I had my new curtains up I realised that it would be too much (when all my other stuff was in the room!).
So the samples were added to my collection of papers.
I chose the yellow one for the tray.
IMG_6882I have painted over the white paint that was on the tray, with the colour shown here. Then started drawing some leaves and stems similar to those in the Rob Ryan design all around the inside lip of the tray.

I stuck the paper down, but, and this is why I think I may have to re-do I didn’t like the join (not enough paper to do in one piece), let me know what you think maybe? I’m tempted to take it up again and maybe use the two shades of blue paper I have and do it in stripes.

I have drawn a leaf pattern on top of the cut-out design in a fine gold pen.

The whole thing is varnished and ready for use.img_68951.jpgAlthough I think I may change it now I see the photos…not sure about that middle bit.

Anyway, back soon
love Rosie

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Quick drawing for loo!

img_6823.jpg Some time ago I bought a clip frame for my bathroom door. As I have so many books my husband asked that I refrain from filling the rest of the walls of our home with pictures.
As I’d rather books than pictures I was happy to do as requested. But a single A4 frame in the bathroom couldn’t hurt! I chose the clip frame which are used in offices because I wanted to be able to change the picture very often!

After putting a Christmas handprint wreath made when my daughter was only 2in the frame for the season, I had a blank frame ready for something new.  I do keep all the pictures for that frame to re-use but fancied something different… and so here is what I did, it’s not an original idea. But I do like the style.

I have a lovely book about butterflies, img_6828.jpg I’ve had it many years and I regret to confess it has been pulled to pieces. I’m not proud but pages have been removed, butterflies from it stuck on things, my sister had a few pages once I think and so, it sits on my beloved shelves a shadow of it’s former self, so I had no (well not many) qualms about ripping out another page.

I decided to draw a cartoon of a little girl walking in the countryside, trying to entice a butterfly to sit on her outstretched finger… everyone does that; right?


I originally coloured in my drawing with pencil crayon but then I decided to add a bit of brightness so used some felt pens.

Well, it’s done. IMG_6827 A quick and fun thing to do, I like to do something that is actually reflected in the text but that’s just me, I’ve seen some amazing pictures done like this

If you can bring yourself to tear the page, it’s fun!
Back soon,

Love Rosie

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“Get your loverley cauli ‘ere!”

As my daughter has pointed out, we seem to have reached the point when she receives grown-up gifts and I get toys….

As many of you will know, for the last year I have been mostly living in a 1/12th scale world with my Instagram continuing story about a family.

One of my pressies was a kit to make a market stall for the miniature family.

The last time I tried modelling with Fimo (Polymer clay) I didn’t do so well. I tried to make some simple plates but they seemed to be soft – even after baking.

But I’ve seen some amazing modelling with Fimo so I have had another go and here are my results…
moreveg.png So first of all I made loads of little ball shapes, these will be painted to be potatoes and apples.
Some of them I cut to make mushroom caps and rolled the bottom bit to make the mushroom stem. Carrots and cauliflowers and cabbages. It was really fun to do.
I followed the instructions properly and baked the clay for the required time.

Afterwards the pieces really do feel like china!
I then started to paint them, I realise now that I should make some parsnips and turnips. I used just over half of a packet of Fimo to make all these veggies!

And so to the painting, I have used acrylic paint. Cauliflowers first…

Then the carrots, apples, cabbages, sprouts and mushrooms.

Now to get the market stall ready.

The Littleton’s handyman helped, naturally. Here he is in colour market stall

He was taking a long time so I took over.

I painted the stall in white acrylic then drew on green stripes with a marker pen.
The stall and shelves were also coloured with green paint.
Here’s the finished stall…
the finished stall.png
It will soon be appearing in my Instagram story.

I really enjoyed the modelling and will definately do some more.
Thanks for reading,
back soon, Love Rosie

After a long gap I have refilled my shop so if you are interested in seeing some of the makes I’ve talked about in this blog please pop over to my shop on  Etsy 

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New Year….

A new year and I am definately going to continue with my self-imposed ‘blog a week’ regime, hope you’ll join me.
2016-06-06-14-07-43.jpgLife has it’s ups and downs and I have found that a steady stream of arts and crafts really helps me cope with everyday matters.
IMG_4595I’ve been really lucky and enjoyed ten days holiday over Christmas and I’m sure I am not alone in wishing I didn’t have to return to work. But, bills have to be paid and I definately do not make enough in my ETSY sales to change my life yet!
P1090381So, this year….. more embroidery, I forgot how much I love this craft. Hope you liked my vest top completed over the Christmas break.
I am not going to buy any more boxes – or trays.. I have too many to store.                        But I will be re-doing the designs on them.
P1090236I have quite a lot of fabric so I think a nice patchwork project will be on the cards.
IMG_2344(1)Oh and talking of cards, I will be creating all my greetings cards for the year again…      I’ll keep searching for new ideas and will definately share!
P1090054I really like how the internet has made artists and crafters so generous with their ideas through Pinterest   and Instagram plus others.
2016-05-13 20.28.24Thank you to all the people who follow my crafty blogs and especially those who comment, I love hearing what you do and what you think of my makes too.
2016-05-01-16-25-23.jpgSo Happy New Year everyone – lets hope the world’s a great place to be in 2018

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Block Printing….

This year I got a last minute chance to go to the Sewing Bee show in Excel London. It was a great day and I saw some wonderful materials and gained so much inspiration. I was going to try a class at block printing but there were no places left so I decided to buy a kit and decided it would make a perfect Christmas gift for my crafty daughter, must admit it was really difficult resisting using it for those few months.

Luckily said daughter spent a few days home over Christmas and we had a crafty day! She stamped the design on a few items, napkins, cosmetic bag and a white vest top of mine.

We then decided that this lovely design would look great with a little embroidery.
That morning we had a lovely mother and daughter time, sewing, chatting and watching our favourite show ‘Gilmore Girls‘.

Here’s my attempt at embroidering over the stamping on my vest top.


I kept to just using green mostly, but I did give the daisy some ‘lazy daisy’ stitching…

I haven’t embroidered over all the stamping, I quite like the effect of just doing a bit.
I used simple embroidery stitching, 2 threads at a time, and just running stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy and satin stitch.

My daughter has used more colours in hers, I’m sure she won’t mind me showing you … lovely isn’t it.

Well I’ll be wearing my newly decorated top soon.
This is a great craft to do, I can thoroughly recommend the products in the kit.
The stamp was very good quality. The paint really nice (just a warm press to seal on fabric) and the foam pad keeps the stamping even.
Check out their website if you’re interested

Thanks for reading, here’s to another year of crafting.
Happy 2018 everyone
Love Rosie


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This years Christmas cards…

Well it’s almost Christmas… are you ready? I’ve finished work now, gifts are bought and wrapped and distributed and these cards have been posted and delivered….

Whilst at the most fabulous Handmade Fair in Hampton Court in September I saw a great Christmas card design. It was a simple pullover design with the words ‘Stay Cosy’.

I really liked it and thought I’d be cheeky and copy it, but as I started to draw my first pullover, I found that my mind was wandering around the woolly idea and the word ‘cosy’… this led me to tea cosy and so here’s my Christmas card…

I bought the white cards from The Works (£4 for a pack of 50 cards)

I drew the simple cosy shape with a wiggly line, added the bottom with simple lines, added a handle and a spout, a swirl of steam and the words ‘Stay Cosy’ all in a bronze or silver Sharpie.

The hat was coloured in a loopy line, alternating red and green.

I placed a pompom on top (bought from Poundland – a pack of 180 – with a whole load of red and green in the pack!) with a little double sided tape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s it, my Christmas cards made.


It’s not the greatest drawing in the world, but if you’re drawing each card individually there has to be an element of speed!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and all the very best for 2018

Love, Rosie


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Inherited sewing table…

I was wondering what to blog about, I’ve been busy sorting out my ‘makes’ for my Etsy shop and making more baby bunting for newborns. So I hadn’t anything new to write about, but whilst sitting at my laptop I cast my eyes around the sitting room and noticed my sewing table, I actually use it as a sewing table now, it’s on casters so can be moved if necessarily and is great to have by my side when using my sewing machine.

My husband’s grandmother was a great seamstress and when she sadly died I inherited her treadle sewing machine and this sewing table.
The sewing table had a nasty scratch across the top and so my husband permitted me to ‘enhance’ it!

At the time my sitting room was rather boldly decorated in a deep turquoise blue with green carpet and sofa.  My curtains at the time were not lined and when the sun shone through in the morning it did rather appear as if we were under water….

I was just looking through my photo’s to find one of the walls and found this, with the said sewing table (this was taken a long time ago but my daughter still plays the violin. Blue and Green room.jpg

I distinctly remember thinking about how I was going to decorate the table. I didn’t want to go my usual flowery route. Even though it was mine to use I respected the fact that it was my husband’s family furniture.

So I decided to go geometric. I used a ball point pen and rule to draw the grid, pressing quite hard to make a little indentation.

I had intended to stain the pattern with inks (which was why I wanted the indentation) but started colouring in the shapes with crayons, I rather liked the effect and decided to keep it.

I kept to a very restricted palette – just green and navy blue.


I then varnished it and that was it done.
My husband still says he thinks it’s one of his favourite of my ‘decorations’. I noticed recently that it’s getting scratched again… this time I’ll just stain the scratches and leave it alone.
Thanks for reading

Back soon with more

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A simple coaster re-do…

I was sorting out a drawer recently and found an old coaster, it’s one of the those clear plastic variety that you can pop a photo in…
It was looking a bit tired so I pulled it apart and went around the edge with my favourite Pental Gold Marker.
Then I spotted this card, my daughter had given it to me and I just love it.


So, I cut out the size and was about to fit it when I decided to add a little decoration to the card…img_5726.jpg

Once done, I snapped the frame shut and placed on my new bedside cabinet, just got to wait for a morning cuppa now…
Back soon,
Love Rosie

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Just a few more napkins…

The thing is, one always needs napkins….

They used to be such an expensive thing to buy – which is strange when you think how easy they are to make. But, lately it seems shops are just giving them away and it would seem almost churlish to walk by without buying.

So, on a day off, with the radio on and listening to my one of my favourite programme I sat and drew on some more napkins.

Whilst thinking of what to do my eyes were drawn to my wall of books…

Can’t argue with that!

img_5330.jpg     IMG_5332

that’s true”



my absolute favourite!
There was another, not sure why I didn’t photograph – but you get the theme!

Thanks for reading,

back soon, love Rosie

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A decoupaged tray…

Thanks to my lovely neighbour I am going to be giving a little class on decorating trays later this month, I have bought some wooden trays ready for the class, but then had the opportunity to purchase some of these nice bamboo trays.
I’ve decided to do a simple decoration, I will be using is as an example in the class…

So, if you too fancy personalising a tray, here’s what I did…
As you can see this tray is a nice size, just right for serving canapés, a solo supper or bringing some snacks to a table…I’ve gone for the latter idea.


The first thing I did was to use some gold acrylic paint and a washing up sponge and ‘sponged’ the gold around the edge of the tray and very lightly over the inside. It’s a subtle look.


Then I got my chosen papers and started to cut out letters, I did an ‘S’ first. To keep the letters the same size I marked the size of the ‘S’. If you don’t like the freehand approach you could write your word on your computer, print out and make stencils from that.
I’m happy to take the risk of imperfections.

I kept going until I had all the letters I wanted and then stuck them to my tray with PVA. I coated the whole thing with a coat of PVA and left to dry..
img_6003.jpg             img_6006.jpg

Then I gave it a little rub down with some sandpaper and went over again with PVA. Finally, with a permanent gold pen I drew some gold stars on the base of the tray and it’s done.
Time for a little snack?
Back soon,
love Rosie

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Button Necklace….

Just a quick make this week, I was sorting out some buttons and came across these lovelies which I have had for ages but have never thought of what to do with them.

I decided to thread them onto an old spare neck chain!

First of all I sorted the order of the buttons… then with my jewellery pliers I took the large ring off the chain and kept it safely to one side.

The chain has simply been thread through the button holes….
When all the buttons were on; I replaced the end of the chain.

Then I laid all the buttons evenly and centrally and stuck them in place with the UHU glue

I smoothed the glue and left to dry..

Here’s my new necklace IMG_5961

Back soon
Love Rosie

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Drawing on a table cloth…

A while ago I was browsing in a Laura Ashley Home Store, I have bought quite a few bits and pieces from there over the years:- my bedroom light shade, a leather footstool, mugs, coasters, material, curtains…ok it seems I do really like their products.
Anyway they had a great sale on and I picked up these really nice felt coasters in a leaf shape. Perfect on the coffee table at this time of year, I was looking at them the other day and thought it would be fun to draw around them and have a scattering of leaves over a tablecloth.
So, whilst grocery shopping, I accidentally drifted into the Home section in my local Tesco and picked up a plain white, very reasonable tablecloth.
I recently had a rotten bug and couldn’t really be bothered to be terribly creative even after the bug had passed, but I started to draw around the leaf and realised that it was pretty effective so… I kept going!
I suppose  I could have used the coaster as a stencil but I really like them as coasters so wanted to keep it nice.
Here’s what I did…

I did a scatter of leaves in a diagonal line across the cloth and kept to a restricted palette of red, orange, yellow and green.


Once I’d got the outlines in place I used a light brush type line all around the edges and up the veins of the leaves …


Once I’d done that I went over each leave with a yellow, it made the colours look more rich…



I’m very pleased with it, what do you think?
Back soon,
love Rosie


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Hand-painted spoon rest

I recently brought this spoon rest, it was just plain white, just asking to be decorated!

I’ve got a bit hooked on this pattern at the moment but felt it suited this item.
Here’s what I did…

Then I changed my mind and wiped it clean. Porcelain markers are only permanent when baked so it’s easy to change your mind or amend mistakes!

So, then I decided to draw a line around the edge img_5536.jpg

and then started with a simple pattern…

I think it looks very effective but as you can see… it’s really easy

As you can see I added a little yellow to the centre of each shell-like shape.
It’s been baked and is ready to use.

Thanks for reading
Back soon, love Rosie

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Mini drawers decorated with daisies…


I was in The Works again the other day and just popped one more of these little drawers in my basket. They are such good value, made in MDF which isn’t everyone’s first choice but they are well made and so easy to decorate.
I decided to just draw straight on with a black drawing pen. I started on the front and drew a giant daisy head.

Then started on the sides and drew daisy chain styles all over the sides and the top.

I coloured in with crayons!

Thats how easy these boxes and drawers are to decorate. The white crayon shows up pretty well on the wood.

I coloured the insides of the drawers with a pink Sharpie and the outsides with a green felt pen, added a little gold to the top edges and that was it. I will fix the crayon and varnish them.
What do you think?

I’ll be back soon with more…
Love Rosie

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My new bedside cabinet

One of my early blogs was about a three tiered cake server that I had decided to use as a bedside unit, I had painted it to tie in with my curtains and was pretty happy with it.
That is until I really started to use it and that’s when I realised that it was a pretty rubbish idea, no room to store stuff, the lamp took up the whole of the top shelf and it was a bit wobbly.

So, I decided to do something else and started looking on online sites to see if I could find something cheap to upcycle, then I had a flash of inspiration…I visited a Red Cross shop near my work place and there were loads of bedside units!
I got this one for £10. It seemed a long way back to work carrying it and then home on the bus but never mind all that, a weekend home alone gave me the time to make it mine.
First things first, sanding away all the old stain and varnish and dirt and scratches…my least favourite job but worth doing thoroughly.
I kept going until nothing was left just a plain pine cupboard.

Then I gave it a coat of white emulsion to seal it. Then another coat of the same emulsion but this time with a squirt of gold acrylic to make it a nice warm colour.


Then, using just the gold paint, I ‘sponged‘ gold over the whole thing. I ‘sponged’ more densely at the edges. (This technique works best with a natural sponge, I just decided on the spur of the moment to do it, so made do with a washing up sponge which I cut into with scissors)


At that moment I decided to leave the top alone. I had planned to paint it but once the light, alarm clock, book etc were on there I would never see the design anyway.

The drawer and the door had the flower painted on, I took inspiration for the flower (copied) from my curtains.


I then decorated the inside. I lined the drawer with a kind of oil cloth and the sides and inside of the cupboard in a patchwork of coloured papers. I used PVA glue to stick on and to paint over to seal the papers.


Then the whole thing was varnished. I gave it a quick rub the next morning and another coat of varnish and then put it in place. I’m really happy with it.


Back soon
Love Rosie


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Does everyone love sunflowers?
I think they must, they are just so beautiful, bright and the more you investigate them the more fascinating they become, here’s an interesting site which lists just 20 sunflower facts.

I don’t profess to drawing botanically correct flowers but here’s how I decorated a little box from The Works.

I remember I was sitting in the garden on a beautifully sunny day, sorry for the photo quality it was too nice to get up and take proper pics! I just started doodling and thought I’d just see where my pen led me…

That was the sides done, now to do the lid.

and that, was that! I just use a black drawing pen and coloured in with felt pens.

Back soon, thanks for reading,

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Napkins – decorating a little gift

One of the items on my niece’s gift list was a salt and pepper set, cute little hens. As I love drawing on napkins I decided to do some to match these little hens.


Laura Ashley

I bought some nice plain white napkins, found my fabric felt pens (you can can buy them from IKEA (very reasonable) or Sharpie (the colours are a bit bright) or Dylon and I expect lots of others.

So, I decided to use the same colours on each napkin, all to feature something to do with the hen salt and pepper.

So, first one




Another one showing the hens…

and lastly, hens going cluck….

img_4109.jpg     img_4112.jpg


here’s all four, I also managed to get some acrylic napkin rings with a chicken motif on them..


Back soon,

love, Rosie

My Etsy shop is now open:
(not a lot there at the moment, sorry)

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Daisy ~ the butter dish

I recently popped to my local supermarket and whilst wandering around I spotted a white butter dish reduced to only £3.

I bought it, and decorated it, of course!

I used my porcelain felt pens and first of all drew on eyes and a nose…

Next, I drew some daisies all over her…

These were then coloured in…

Then I turned my attention to the dish, I decided to make this the grass…

Adding some little yellow daisies.
Well that’s it! I baked Daisy for half an hour to ‘fix’ the design and she’s ready for use. She’s sitting in my cupboard at the moment but may be given as a gift.


Thanks for reading, back soon,
love Rosie (and Daisy) IMG_5329(1)

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Wedding cake slice….

Together with other family we bought items from the wedding list for the main gifts for my niece’s marriage ceremony, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a few little homemade touches…

I had seen this cake slice in Tiger before and always thought I’d like to be able to get a plain one to decorate, but the other day I realised that I could use the writing on the slice and just add some personalisation to it.

Using porcelain pens means that it is fully permanent, Penny & Rich – it can go in the dish washer!

So this is what it looked like when I bought it…..12801261_1129831753717839_7479258012742368413_nI realised that the saying printed on it was just perfect for a wedding celebration.
I used just black and red porcelain felt pens and copied the handwriting style, adding a few love hearts.


I baked it for half an hour to seal the paints and that’s it…
Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie


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In a recent sort out I came across my old Pyrography set, its basically a soldering iron which is used as a pen to burn designs into wood.  Mines not a great one as the point at which you can safely hold the iron is a long way from the tip. Try drawing with a pencil while holding it half way up, your control is not great.

But I had a spare plain box from The Works and so decided to have a go today, I sketched on a simple log with a bit of foliage around it and started to burn…

Once happy with the burning, I coloured in the log and surrounding plants with colouring pencils…

Then I coloured in the box with felt pens and my favourite gold marker pen…

I’ve varnished it and that’s it, all done.


Back soon,
love Rosie




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Wedding Outfits (1:12th scale)

Well, there’s nothing like a family wedding and the Littleton Family were very happy to be officially invited to this one, they wish the happy couple every happiness in their future together!

Obviously they all needed new outfits to wear and so their friendly tailor (me) helped
Mrs Littleton in her dressmaking                             IMG_5075

Mr Littleton sported a new waistcoat and cravat.      IMG_5070

Mrs Littleton made herself a new dress and then embroidered a felt jacket, she made herself a nice hat too!

Little Miss Littleton was very happy with her new dress, lacy shawl and hat.

Baby had a lovely lacy dress and carried a silk flower (and was very well behaved!)
They had a lovely day and managed to get themselves in quite a few photographs at the event…

The day was shared on their Instagram post (only you get to see in colour!)

Thanks for reading,
Back soon,
love Rosie


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Another box…

This poor box has had many incarnations… I recently changed it to have Dennis the Menace pictures on it and was very happy with it – till I went to open it and realised I’d stuck the images on the wrong way – doh!

So out came the sanding paper and I’ve started again.
I’ve added gold paint all over it and then stuck some paper on the top and inside. On top I have added further layers of butterflies.

IMG_4851  img_4852.jpg


This is the inside:- IMG_4855
It’s still wet, that’s why it’s bumpy, actually might stick something over the poor bird on the inside of the lid – he’s lost his head.

img_4858.jpg  The whole thing has been covered in PVA glue and I think I like it!
Thanks for looking,
Back soon, love Rosie




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Inspired by Billy Connolly…

My husband and I watched a brilliant programme on TV recently. It was all about three new portraits of Billy Connolly in celebration of his 75th birthday.
It’s well worth catching up on if you can.

Whilst showing us his home town, Glasgow; Billy took us to a wonderful art gallery and to an exhibition of his own work. I must admit I didn’t know he drew but I really like the effect of his style of filling shapes and so I have, quite blatently, copied his style to decorate a little wooden box which holds metric weights for my kitchen scales.

I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted some metric weights but have never had sufficient funds to buy them… on a recent trip to a charity shop though, I found these…no more converting ounces to grams when trying out a new recipe!

Billy’s art is deceptively simple and I really like it.

I started with the black lines and just kept going….

I then decided to write the word ‘WEIGHTS’ on the lid – and do the lines all around..

I used a fine marker on the lid, but a thick Sharpie marker for the base.

Here’s the finished box …

Back soon,
love Rosie

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Basil the Badger….

Last night we were watching television and commenting about how quiet it was outside, the French doors were wide open and it seemed as though nothing was out there… suddenly there was a great kerfuffle and the sound of rummaging… I finally got up and took a look and there, on the wall (we live beside a bank of a hill so have a tiered section at the side), was a small badger!
I’m not sure who was more startled… but I know who can run the fastest…(not me!)

I returned to my seat and found my thoughts drawn back to a lovely poem written by my mother.
I illustrated the poem and had it made into a book for her….
here it is for you…
Basil the Badger

Basil Badger was rather shy, Basil001         Basil002He would come out at night And look at the sky.

Basil003  One night he had an awful fright

Basil004   Up in the sky was a big bright light.

Basil005To you and me, it was the moon

Basil006But Basil thought it was a balloon.

Basil007   “I wonder who is holding the strings?”

“Or is it flying on little wings?” Basil009

Basil010 Basil watched it through the night,

Until it started to get light. Basil011

But, as the sky got bright as day Basil012

Basil013   Like magic, the balloon just melted away…

The End.

Well, hope you enjoyed meeting Basil, I do love him.


©rosiesartsandcrafts and the ©Shirley Parker

Thanks for reading,
Back soon, Rosie

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Glass painted lantern

The other evening I had some friends over for natter, nibbles and some liquid refreshment. We had a really nice time and as is so often usual at gatherings I was presented with goodies, wine, chocs and this lovely lantern for the garden.


Well, you know me, I never leave anything as it is and this lantern is no exception.
I took the glass out of the wire holder and then I used my trustee glass paint filled felt pens and drew on some flowers, then added leaves and finally blue and green stripes …
I think it will look great with a candle glowing inside, for now it’s got white paper to show the effect.


and here it is in the garden

Thanks for looking<

Back soon
Love Rosie

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Dennis the Menace…

Some time ago I purchased a box of postcards featuring The Beano comic. The comic was first published in 1938 and is still going!  I recently visited a friend in hospital, had no idea what to take, didn’t know if he was eating, enjoying reading or what.
So I took a copy of the Beano, well comics always made me feel better when I was ill (of course I was a child… but still….).

Anyway, I love these images.
I’ve not had many sales of my decorated boxes on Etsy so I’ve decided to rub three of them down and start again.

This time I’ve used these postcards and decoupaged the boxes.
Here’s how they look, I haven’t shown you how I did it as it’s pretty obvious – cut to size and stick.
I did peel off some layers of card, and just left the thin picture, as the postcards are pretty thick.
I covered the whole thing in a coat of PVA glue to seal them, they’re on sale in my ETSY shop

Next one:-

And the last:-

Back soon,

Love Rosie

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Week off from the office….

I am lucky to be granted plenty of leave from work (not enough of course), and I always take it!
My husband doesn’t get so much so this week I have been home alone and I must admit I’ve had a marvelous time.

Monday I didn’t feel too energetic so I did loads of washing and stayed home.

Tuesday I took myself off for a little bus ride to a nearby town and found a few bits of white china and clear glass items in the Charity Shops there.  The bus ride took us near the lavender fields filling the bus with the beautiful scent, the people who joined the bus were very quiet and a few fell asleep tee hee….

Wednesday arrived and I took myself off to London to visit the Tate Britain Gallery and then to meet my daughter for her lunch break which was lovely. I left her to return to work and just had to browse in a book shop for a while.

Thursday, I was supposed to meet a friend who sadly had to cancel… so I did a few chores and then took myself off to a local Garden Centre. My husband and I are frequent visitors but I’ve always been rushed through the interesting bits and bob’s “we don’t want to look at this stuff do we??” Well, today I did! Nothing much that I wanted to buy but it was good looking.  I took the bus back home and pottered about for a while.

Then I looked at the things I’d bought to paint….

The vinegar jug, the teabag dish and the glass jug were all decorated with these marvellous pens which, when dry, are baked and then are permanent.
I’m never trying Sharpies again!

So, here’s the results of my afternoon…

The vinegar jug first:-

Now the glass jug:-


Finally the little teabag dish:-

As you can see I just wrote different words for tea and types of tea. I just used black and red and then added some black dots around the edge.

I deliberately restricted my palette with these, I can sometimes go a tad over the top.

Well, I’m happy with them.
See you soon,

Love Rosie

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Forgotten skills….?

Last week I was making teeny playing cards, and building playing card castles for a little story line on my Instagram feed.

I put out the question “what next….?” and got a couple of good replies, one was dominoes – definately an easy game to make at 1/12th scale and I will be making that game, but another was “what about a hankerchief mouse…..?”

I looked this up on the trusty internet and there, as it seems there always are, were video clips of how to make a mouse from a hankerchief.

It was my sister Sally who had suggested it and she told me that when she was staying at our grandmother’s house one time she had forgotten her teddy.
Apparently I, always a sickly child, had been taken into hospital, she remembers our father dropping her off in a hurry and teddy had been forgotten.
So, my grandmother found a gentlemans hankerchief and created a white mouse for my sister to cuddle.
Sally confessed that she forgot teddy on purpose occasionally afterwards, so she would be made another hankerchief mouse by our lovely grandmother.

I haven’t made the one at dollshouse scale yet but here’s my effort at making one with a hankerchief. I’ll add the link so you can try it too!

IMG_4153 Firstly, lay down the hankerchief on a flat service and fold it diagonally.
IMG_4154 Then fold in the points – overlapping as shown.

Now start rolling it up, nice and tightly…


Next fold over the rolled up sausage,
over- lap the ends


Now keep rolling it round and around until you can poke your thumb through…

Now you can tease out the ends, one will be left – just give it a twist and the other tied to form the mouse ears and head… if your clever you make the mouse run up your arm!

Watch the clip here

Thanks for reading, I’m off the to spend the day drawing and sewing, will share next week,
love Rosie

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In the dog house….

It’s been a busy week and somehow I haven’t done much I can show you, I had to do a couple of name cards for new baby twins but I’ve shown you that kind of drawing before.
So, I’m afraid we’re back with my ongoing Instagram account about the family who live in the dollshouse, The Littletons.

If you follow the story you’ll know the Dog is in disgrace this week, if you don’t follow it.. well lets just show you what happened…


So, the Dog has been banished to the garden. But at least he got to keep the stolen sausages!

Luckily the handyman is very fond of the Dog and has made him a kennel to live in…

Here’s how it was done:-

I used very thin wood, which I purchased from Hobbycraft. It can be cut with a craft knife. So I cut the sides (the length of the dog) and a front (with hole cut in it) and a back. I stuck them all together with an all purpose glue and also stuck the whole thing on some card.

I folded a length of card for the roof and cut tiles from more card. I laid double sided tape on the roof and stuck the ’tiles’ on.

The whole thing was painted

and that is that… I think Dog will be very cosy in there.
Here he is looking very comfortable, he is a lucky dog as Little Miss Littleton has a juicy bone for him.

If you don’t follow the Littleton family it may look odd, me using some colour, some black and white photographs. I only show the Littleton story using the Instagram willow filter which is black and white.  A few sneaky colour photos here just to show what it looks like in real life!
If you’re reading this as a miniature world fan and live in the USA, you can read about the Littleton family in American Miniaturist Magazine July issue.

Back soon,

Love Rosie

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Drawing on napkins…

For a recent birthday I received some little bird ornaments…there is a little story about these. My sister and I visited a Christmas Ideal Home Show and the very first stall had some lovely decorations which included some pears which were decorated the same way these birds are. I was going to get one but my sister advised against buying from the very first stall and suggested we look around first, sound advice you may agree but that stall vanished into thin air…and I did not get my pear.  My sister then ordered some online and I was presented with 8 of these lovely pears!

My little house being surrounded by trees has led me to have a bit of a bird theme and I was very happy to receive these gorgeous birds…but, I didn’t really know what to do with them. I considered tying them to drawer pulls but they are quite clanky for that. So they’ve been sitting in a drawer awaiting inspiration.

Today I purchased a pack of 4 linen napkins from Laura Ashley (on sale!) and as I have had a day off work I decided to sit in the garden and decorate them with my fabric pens. As  I thought about what to do, I had a flash of inspiration, trotted off to find the birds, with the intention of drawing the birds on the cloth. Once I saw them though I decided to use just the design on the birds and use the birds as napkin rings. Here’s what I did….

Here’s the first one:-

The next one:-

Number 3:-

and the last one:-

Well, I had a lovely afternoon doing these drawings, sometimes when life just gets in the way I find you need to switch off, my chosen way is to doodle… oh I pressed them when done and now I’m ready for my next dinner party.

Back soon, love Rosie


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Gallery in the bathroom…

After the house renovation was complete I decided to buy a clip frame for my bathroom door. These frames are often in offices and are great because you can change the picture from the front, I want to change the picture in my bathroom regularly so this works perfectly. It’ll be like a gallery – only with one picture at a time!

This afternoon it has rained and stopped me gardening so I have been drawing, a  new baby card and then some pictures for my frame. I read somewhere that it is mostly women who like ‘words’ on walls…well I know I do.

I don’t like anything too preachy or sickly but I found this and liked it…

So, out came my pad of cartridge paper, a chisel point marker and a pink felt pen.       Firstly I wrote out the words, which I found on the internet…


and then I thought about how I could decorate it and decided to write words over it, one word BOOKS was used and then I just carried on… getting nearer and nearer the centre till there was no room left.


I don’t spend a lot of time in the world of reality….

Here is is in situ  IMG_3446

Not the greatest artwork but I like it … it’ll soon be changed! (It actually already has been!)

Thanks for reading, back soon,
love Rosie

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Another box re-do

This little treasure chest style box was previously painted black with rosebuds – it was up for sale in my Etsy shop and although a few ‘liked’ it …no-one bought it so I’ve decided to revamp it.
The size is:- 13.5 cm x 9.5cm and 8cm high,

So, I was painting some of these lovely little wooden house shapes which I purchased from The

I decided to paint my box with a country scene of rolling hills and big sky… and to stick these little houses on it. The paint I used is acrylic, the houses I drew the detail on with a permanent drawing pen and then just coloured in with fine felt pens.
Four houses fitted perfectly across the front and I’ve added one other on the side.

The inside is still glittery purple. IMG_3673(1)

I hope the photos show you that this is rather ‘shabby chic’, the pink of the roses  shows through the clouds a bit but that’s not unusual in real life so I haven’t fought it.


A coat of clear varnish and it’s done.
Thanks for reading,
love Rosie



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Mini books….

As I seem to be doing more and more lately, this week I have been making in miniature.
The latest story in The Littleton’s Family Story (my Instagram venture) has been about a little bird house in the garden.
I decided that the little girl in the story will study a book about garden birds and so here’s what I did…
First of all I coloured a piece of card and wrote Garden Birds on the front..IMG_2877(1)

then drew some tiny birds and indicated text on some more pages…


these were then sewn together


IMG_2880(1)and presented as a giftwrapped gift to little Miss Littleton from her parents.

As the Littletons live their lives in #willowfilter which is black and white I have to think about what will show up … so the writing on the front of the book is way bigger than normal, also book covers were not always the way we see them now! Usually they seem to have been quite plainly bound with maybe gold embossed writing on the front, but I hope this one wil convey enough for the little world in which they live (I’ve managed not to actually decide on a year for their lives although I referenced The Wind in the Willows which was published in 1906 so it’s got to be around that time).

Here’s how it looked in the Littleton’s world….
‘Here’s the handyman putting up the birdhouse’ IMG_2875

IMG_2885 ‘Little Miss Littleton sees the birdhouse’

‘She dashes in the house to tell her parents (obviously they already know and have a gift for her’ IMG_2887(1)

That gift was the Bird Book and the final picture shows Little Miss Littleton in situ watching out for new inhabitants of the birdhouse…’ IMG_2889

Then lucky little Miss Littleton gets a Postcard Album from her Grandmother:-
This I used some patterned sticky fabric to cover some card, coloured some paper black with a marker ad simply stuck the pages in… Made a few postcards and that was that!


Here’s how it looked on Instagram


Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie

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Jewellery Box

Last weekend I decided to have a go at decorating a little jewellery box which has a clear acrylic lid.

I had previously painted it silvery grey and the inner base was painted purple. I got out a nice big new black marker … (is there anything better?)
I just started to doodle to see where it would go, starting with 4 straightish lines then adding 15 swirls, a thin silver pen was used to draw another swirl on top of the others and was dotted over with the black pen.

I carried on the black around the wooden edge on the lid ….to me the design looked like it was stitched so I then added a ‘running stitch’ around the top of the lid and around the sides and across the partitions inside.
It’s a bit different for me but I quite like it!
What do you think?

Back soon,
love, Rosie


My Etsy shop is now open:

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A new dress….

Not for me.
I’m so busy with the Littleton Family Story that most of my crafty makes seem to be for them at the moment.

So a teeny make this week as I had to make a new dress for Baby Littleton who,  in the story,  has begun to toddle…
IMG_3258 Here she is in her baby gown… her legs are not that long!

First of all I took off the long skirt, the bodice is a little lace ribbon and I left in place, as well as the ribbon bonnet. I just removed the little blue ribbons.

As the lower part of her original dress was decorated with lace and silk I decided to cut away the plain cotton top.


I turned in the raw edge and with a simple running stitch I sewed around the new waist.

This running stitch was then used to gather in the waist.

Then I thought, as she’s a little older she may like a bit of pink ribbon around the waist … Not that we’ll see that as I use a #willowfilter
img_3264.jpg As she is starting to toddle, she better have some little shoes… I painted these on with a gel and then stuck some felt on the soles of her feet.


Lastly I added some little pink dots around the flowers on her bonnet – just to make it look a little different.
She’s ready to toddle! But is interested in her sisters postcard album first.


Forgive me if you’re already following The Littleton’s on Instagram, or do not use Instagram or are just not interested in the lives of a family who live in a dollshouse… I’m afraid they have rather taken over my free time!

This is the address if you’re wondering what’s it all about….

Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie



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Time to sew….

We’ve had a little clock on our mantlepiece for years… now it sits on a bookshelf as we have no fireplace.
I can’t actually remember what it looked like when I first bought it, but it’s been changed many, many times over time.
The design before the last one had some delicate flowers painted by my daughter, then we started going up to London regularly and I decided to draw the London skyline.

It’s stayed like that for quite a few years.


This morning, however I realised that, shock – horror I haven’t really done anything to blog about!
So I looked around the room trying to think what I haven’t written about and my eyes fell on this little clock.

This is what I did…

Firstly, I took the clock part out and left just the wooden case.

I picked off the skyline   IMG_3192

and then sanded down the white paint, which is all textured for some reason, can’t remember how that happened!IMG_3193

I then coloured it with my gold pentel marker. IMG_3194
I decided to use a sewing theme and stuck a paper tape measure around the bottom and half of it around the narrow top. IMG_3196

Then I remembered I had some plastic buttons which were all sewing items, so out came the button pot… some time later, there are a lot of buttons to sort through! IMG_3199
I found these buttons. IMG_3200

I cut off the button hook on the back and stuck them on with a strong glue. IMG_3203

This is it in situ, I quite like it, what do you think?
I’m thinking that everytime I look at the clock it will be ‘sewing time’!

Back soon,
love Rosie


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Have you noticed how as soon as we get a modern alternative we seem to, almost instantly, start looking back?

Music is a great example from vinyl to cassette to compact disc to MP3 and now back to the coolest thing is to own a record player and buy your music on vinyl…back to getting home and reading the cover whilst listening….
I was just listening to the radio and they announced that the printed word is outselling the ebooks, great news! I love books, I did buy a Kindle and it’s convenient but no where near as satisfying a read. My daughter’s friend has just had a second book published and I’m very proud to have two books on my shelf written by someone I know…not quite the same to have them on an ebook!
My husband is a keen photographer and although he has a digital camera he likes the effects that only film will give you and says that there are processing businesses being resurrected…things really do go around and around…

Hand-writing and the art of calligraphy seems to be having a resurgence in popularity (thank goodness), I’ve called this blog calligraphy but really it’s a modern version of calligraphy that I’m talking about, more flowing and less formal but beautiful none-the-less.

There are loads of artists who base all their work on the written word, a lovely friend recently gave me a work of art which had a good life philosophy most beautifully written on it in relief, the watercolour has been painted over the lettering, when the paint is dry the letters are revealed… it’s pretty special.
This link is just one artist who uses handwriting in her work and I follow her on Instagram

Last year I ran a one-off  ‘Draw a cartoon face – Lunch & Learn session’ at my workplace. It was a very small class but it was enjoyable to do and I think those who attended enjoyed it.
This year I was approached again and asked if I would do something  – luckily I had just seen a Facebook post about a friend attending a calligraphy class and almost without thinking I said I’d do one on that.

I’m not an expert by any means but have used calligraphy pens for as long as I can remember, in my first job in an Art & Craft shop I did all the signwriting for a while, even painting on the shop window! I always make my own cards including Christmas ones and it’s so much easier if you can write the greeting in a fancy kind of way, makes the card look more professional.

So to do the class I ordered some calligraphy ‘Chisel’ point felt pens and printed out sheets from the internet for them to practise on…there are loads out there. If you have a Pinterest account there are plenty for free download.
Of course there are kits and books and the pens are in stationers and art shops everywhere.
(As I advised the class – felt pens are great and easy to use but they don’t last long, I use a calligraphy pen by Rotring and I’ve had it for about 30 years – it’s never clogged! I can recommend it if you decide to take up this lovely hobby).

There were only 8 in the class which was great, the hour sped by and although ‘the holding your pen at 45 degree angle’ takes some getting used to by the end of the hour they all had produced some lovely writing.

One said that it was quite mindful, as you really need to concentrate and it is completely absorbing. Health benefits too – what more can one ask?

My basic tips are:-
* practise on a sheet of scrap paper first just to check you’ve got hold of the pen in the right way, do a line of vvvvvvvvvvv the down line is thick and the up is thin (I still do this at the start of using a calligraphy pen – only a quick vvvv and you know you’ve got it right)
* if you don’t usually do joined up handwriting then just add a little flick at the end of your letters to make them appear joined to the next
* to see the effect of the thin and thick lines you may find that writing your letters a bit larger than you usually do will be beneficial

Lastly – have a good practise and then just write with your calligraphy pen, if you’ve got the angle right you should soon get to see your writing takes on that italic style.
It really is all about practising, when you’re concentrating too hard on each letter you can also forget to spell, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spelled birthday ‘bithday’ – extremely annoying so copy or write lightly in pencil and go over it.

As a little test to see how quickly you can get this skill the class all wrote their names on a sheet of paper at the start of the class and then again at the end. There was a marked difference in even that short time.
If you haven’t tried it…you should.

Oh I know the computer can put your words into wonderful fonts but nothing beats a hand-written message.

IMG_2829 - Copy
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Vanessa Bell …

I was going to name this blog as being inspired by Vanessa Bell, but I’ve actually just copied one of her patterns….
I recently went to an exhibition of Vanessa Bell’s work at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.(It’s on until June so if you are able, it’s worth a visit – great cafe too!)

For many years I (along with many others!) have been incredibly interested by the group of people collectively known as The Bloomsbury Set. I’ve added a link if you’re interested…they are a fascinating lot.

I thought I’d decorate a box with pattern instead of my usual flowers.  I was going to use her’s and then add to it, but when I looked at it this morning I decided that actually I like it as it is.

This box was already stained in grey and I like that too.


The frst thing I did was cover the lid with my
trusty silver paint marker pen.



Then before that was quite dry I drew on the purple diamonds with a Sharpie. I used two shades of purple.

With an orange marker I drew the lines… again the silver was not quite dry.

It all looked a bit pale so I left it, thinking that today I would ‘add’ something…but as I said, I reckon it looks great.
The markers have worked with the wet silver to create an interesting effect. So, that’s where I’m leaving it. I’ll varnish later.


Thanks for reading,
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love Rosie