New Year….

So, have you taken all your Christmas decorations down?  I’ve reluctantly even taken down all the battery fairy lights that I love so much.

Last year we had a little gathering and I covered the small garden which surrounds our bungalow with bunting and strings of lights, it looked pretty nice!


The photo above was taken in the morning when we were getting started with the decorating – in the evening the whole area glowed with lights threaded around and thrown up into the trees which surround us.
Just looking for some thread and found ‘Glow in the dark sewing thread‘ think it’s time for more sewing…..

I had started to sew the bunting over the summer using up loads of oddments of material. I’ve made rather a lot ….. so have had to stop….

However, my sister showed me some Christmas material she had made up into bunting for her daughter, well I’m never shy in admitting I can be inspired by someone else’s work, my sister had made plain triangles for her bunting… I decided my home needed some too!

So, I sent away for a pack of 6 fat quarters, I decided to go for Tartan but there are loads of amazing Christmas designs available, and Easter fabric plus of course baby pink, blue, yellow…. really any manner of reasons to create more bunting decoration!
I bought the fabric from ebay, then bought some ribbon from Tiger and then some little bells from The Works, all great bargains.

I cut myself a card template, and then cut out the triangles from the fabric using pinking shears.IMG-20151107-WA0000

Then with my trusty Singer sewing machine I sewed the triangles together – using contrasting fabrics. Then so as not to copy my sister too much I folded over the corners of the top of the triangle and stitched them to the ribbon.
2015-11-24 20.35.53I’m not the neatest seamstress and I think I’ve been quite harsh to myself with choosing this one to show! But still, you get the idea.

I carried on until all the triangles were attached to the ribbon. It’s easier with a bias binding ( either shop bought or home-made click for a link to a you-tube clip, there are loads more and plenty of tips available if you wish to do this) but ribbon is nice for Christmas I think.
2015-11-24 20.35.32Then I hand-stitched on the bells and voila!

I do like to have something different every year. I don’t have a fireplace in this house so it requires a bit of imagination to make it cosy!

Back soon, Rosie


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An avid arty crafty kind of person, I can never leave anything as it was intended, as you will come to see as I post my arty and crafty blogs which follow a self-imposed challenge to create something every week and blog about whatever I've done. I hope my work will inspire your own creations but please note that the text, pictures and artwork are ©rosiesartsandcrafts unless otherwise noted; all rights reserved. The content of this blog may not be copied or used without permission. Projects and layouts may not be copied for submission to contests, magazines, or other publications in any form. For questions or comments please email
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3 Responses to New Year….

  1. Caz says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Great blog! I love the effect that having a bit of bunting hanging can create. Do you happen to run any sewing classes as I’m quite rusty and I haven”t used a seeing machine for many years.


    • Hi Caz, no classes, but if you want to start using a machine again then bunting is a great way to start. I used up loads of old duvet covers. There are plenty of youtube clips if you need tips! But if you have any questions I’m happy to help if I can. Thanks, Rosie


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