Another tissue box!

When I posted my previous tissue box blog I had a request for a tissue box make… so here is what I did.
Another trip to Hobbycraft to buy another paper mache tissue box – this time I went for the square vanity box style
I love these items, they have so many different boxes; you can decorate them in so many ways:-  decoupage, painting, sticking buttons or beads etc.
Cover with suitable wrapping paper and use as a gift box.
In the paper mache range they also do shapes, animals and letters. They are really well priced too.

So, I got my tissue box and as my customer had requested a silver background with flowers,  (actually similar to a watch she had just received for her birthday) I had no need to ponder what to do.

First of all I painted the box inside and out with white acrylic paint. Let it dry.

2016-02-13 14.50.03 - Copy

Then I painted the whole thing over with silver acrylic paint.

2016-02-13 14.50.12 - Copy


I let this dry and then started the first coat of the decoration…

I started with a very pale pink  – no great botanical detail here, just a full bloom flower shape

2016-02-13 18.32.19 - Copy

I then continued to paint these flowers all over the box – overlapping around corners and from the lid down, this looks better than just doing a flower in the centre of each side in my opinion – although it all depends on taste.

Okay, so that is my basic design, looks a bit rubbish at the moment but now we need some leaves…

The pink paint, by the way is the white acrylic mixed with a little crimson red, make sure you mix enough paint up – it’s very difficult to make the same colour twice, unless of course you have thought to measure from the start!

So now I have my pink flowers and gold leaves. But although I painted the leaves with a thick enough layer to allow the brush strokes to give the impression of the veins of the leaves (see above) they still need definition.

Just a few blobs of white paint start to lift the petals and to make them look a bit more like flowers.

I then added, with a mix of crimson, gold and blue and a finer brush, a bit more detail to the leaves.2016-02-13 18.38.54 - Copy

I also painted ‘stems’ just joining each flower to another – it brings the whole design together.

2016-02-13 19.09.20 - Copy


2016-02-13 19.09.26 - Copy

So, almost done, with the same colour used to do the veins to the leaves I now added some detail to the flowers, to the centre to indicate the stamen and around the edges just to finish off.

2016-02-13 19.18.22 - Copy

It’s all done, here’s a selection of pictures taken from different angles…

A fun project to do on a very dull, rainy Saturday afternoon. Acrylic paint is great because it dries so quickly. I’ve had a look and seen some amazing ideas for decorating these boxes

Geometric design  

Stick on papers and embellishments

Stamping a pattern over the box?

There’s no limit to ideas to decorate a plain box – this is also a very practical item, not clutter!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris


Back soon with more arty crafty makes.




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