Simple Cartoon Face

Recently we had a series of Lunch n’ Learn sessions at my work place. These varied from flower arranging, cheese tasting, group walk to a local park as well as more ‘work’ related sessions on Excel etc.

I was asked to hold on one on drawing. As it was only one session and I really don’t think I am qualified to teach such a huge subject, I had a good long think about what I could do.
It had to be quick, ideally fun, easy to do but not simplistic. Tricky!

I then remembered that my little cards and drawings inside team greetings cards passed around the workplace are often commented on.

That gave me the plan I needed. I decided to look at some of my cards and in particular at a series I did called ‘What a surprise!’
All these pictures had a large face in the middle, and all done in a very simple way.

I think you can see this an oldish gentleman and a lady of indescriminate age!
Ignore their hair for now, look at the features of their faces. Pretty similar?
Look at the really simple lines used to draw their features?
Can’t do a nose? Well no, to draw a realistic nose is very difficult.
In profile is easier but straight on can be very tricky. I have a book on drawing 2016-02-27 14.31.47

and within this are these pictures on how to draw noses …

So, in my opinion it’s more fun to draw in a more cartoon style with just a little squiggle for a nose.

Of course, even with a cartoon face, unless a wicked characture, it is still important to put the features in the right place.
Where is your nose in relation to your ears? I know, I know your nose is on the front of your face and your ears at the sides but are they more towards the top of your head or in the middle?
Have a little play, draw an egg shape..

2016-02-27 13.13.29

Ok, this is your first bit of drawing so do it in pencil. When you want to add detail … such as hair, you may not want to see the head.

Next, lets put in the ears, feel yours … are they in the middle?

2016-02-27 13.13.36

This is my effort – one’s higher than the other but hey, we are all a little lopsided aren’t we? Looking like a face yet?
Maybe a little hair would help?
Shall we put eyes on?
Higher than the ears?

My eyes are pretty level with the ears … is that what you did?
So now lets add a few more features – keep it simple.. no clever sketching yet please!

2016-02-27 13.14.15

So, mine now has eyes,nose and mouth. I’ve left this picture big so you can see….

How about a different hair style. Draw another egg. Add eyes, nose and mouth but leave the ears till we see how much is visable once we’ve done the hair. How about a ‘bob’?


2016-02-27 13.14.23

You could try drawing your egg head and features, then practice hair drawn on tracing paper. Or a computer drawing system.
Lets add this hair to our face….2016-02-27 13.14.28See how I’ve just added a few lines in the hair? You could do these in a darker colour or a felt pen and then colour over them with a lighter colour or crayon.
I’ve coloured her in now….

2016-02-27 13.14.37

She’s got hair coloured with simple lines – pink cheeks added and a coloured top. She looks pretty nice I think…. Have a go yourself.

Here’s some more of mine, I’ve cropped the picture so the face is bigger, look at the features, they are all just the same as our egg above really. Note how the ears are only drawn in if I’ve decided we would be able to see them. Rules can be broken of course, look at the first one, this man’s ears are too high but because his eyes have been drawn high I think I managed to get away with it!

Happy drawing and remember once you’ve done the drawing you get to do the colouring-in. My fun little hobby is now trendy, it’s always fun to colour but very satisfying to colour in your own drawings! I love to use water soluble pencils, they give a very vibrant colour, just make sure you use thick enough paper or even water-colour paper to stop your picture being ruined with puckering.

I’m happy to advise but you can get all supplies from Hobbycraft, WH Smiths or for even more competitive pricing try the wonderful Cass Art. diet

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