Mini chest of drawers

2016-03-05 21.11.35Hi there,

When I was about 17 years old I started painting little wooden boxes and selling the finished boxes at a little sale held once a week on a Friday afternoon at Warlingham Church Hall. Alongside these I also made earrings. After gaining employment I stopped but a few years later started up again with hand drawn cards and small pictures, selling these at craft fairs with varying success. I really enjoyed the making and selling but once my daughter got to be a few years old it just got too time consuming and I stopped. I still made cards over the years, often with personal details added.
But now I’m back painting boxes!

These little drawers (the whole thing measures just 24.5cm x 22cm approx (9.5″ x 8.5″) were last weekends project, and I really enjoyed painting them. I love how personal you can make them. You could decorate using markerpens, wrapping paper, tissue paper, stick on beads, use sheet music (only stuff you don’t use of course, or maybe photocopies of something you love?), so may different ways of making them your own.
If this blog inspires you to do something like this please send me a photo!

I spotted these in The Works one lunch time, they looked like this:-

For some reason I felt they would benefit a bit of an oriental theme, and so removed the drawers and got out the black paint!

I used black acrylic paint. This was left to dry.
Now to do the nine drawers, first of all I removed the drawer pulls, took ages! There are three teeny screws in each! I put them in a little pot… too easy to lose.

I painted inside each drawer with my gold acrylic paint (previously used on the Ikea tower… plus the bedside table) and then the outsides were painted black.

Now, I have the drawers all gold inside and black outside. I put them all back in place and will worry about getting them out again later…

Next to the fun bit, I decided on a cherry blossom. There’s so much of it about at the moment and makes everywhere look so pretty. I just went in free-hand but now I have entered Cherry Blossom on Google images and there are loads of drawings to use if you’d rather do that.
Ok so now to draw my tree/branch …..
2016-03-05 18.39.24.jpg
Once I’d got my basic shape – using a gold Sharpie pen, I kept going over the branches to thicken the lines – keeping the ends pretty thin.

Once I was happy  with the shape I got my acrylic paints out and used a splodge of crimson and a splodge of white, mixing a bit together until I got a pale pink. I left myself some white and red left unmixed though.

So the first blossom flowers are put on:-

As you can see they are pretty basic flower shapes, I kept mixing more red in or more white so that the pink is always quite pale but different shades of pink.
Look at real flowers, they are rarely just one colour, due to light and shade naturally changing the look. I carried on adding more and more:-

2016-03-05 19.08.32

Some just dots really.
Then I got out another Sharpie, a dark pink and added a little definition to some of the petals.
2016-03-05 21.11.35

Then, with yellow acrylic paint I coloured in the centres, with just a quick blob of paint.

I also added a bit of green acrylic to the branch and around the blossom. Then finally added some bronze Sharpie to the branch.
2016-03-05 21.16.36I couldn’t resist a little bit of glitter paint just to finish it off.

That’s it for the painting. I left it for a few days before getting to screw back on all the drawer pulls.
First of all I had to get the drawers out. Thank goodness for my trusty palette knife!

It took a bit of time and effort!
But I got them all out, I marked the backs as shown, to save me having to do a jigsaw puzzle everytime I took more than one out at a time.
The drawer pulls all returned into place, I decided to rub the edges and sides with some candle wax.
Now they all open and close neatly and the only tricky thing now is to decide what to keep in them.. beads? bits n’ bobs?

I’m pretty pleased with these. They look nice in my bedroom, they were cheap and great fun to do. The Works have plenty of different items ready to decorate and they are good value. Obviously lots of other places sell them too, Hobbycraft and eBay are worth a look too. But I’m impressed with what I’ve got.

Back soon with more..I bought a jewellery box, some even smaller drawers and a pack of wooden disc keyrings today, can’t wait to get started on them too.



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