Glass Painting

2016-03-17 11.12.56

Hi there,

Have you ever tried glass painting?  It’s such a nice hobby and easy to personalise your own glass (you can paint crockery too) and I’ve done quite a lot over the years.
A few colleagues got me to paint figures in football colours with their children’s names added.
I love to paint vases too, this vase was under a £1 in Ikea but I like to think it looks quite nice with my added decoration. They don’t have this shape any more but plenty like it.

I have always used Pebeo glass paints, but there are others out there. I have also seen that oil based Sharpie pens can be used too, though comments seem to vary as to how permanent they are.
There are different types of outline pens around, I like the stuff I’ve used here, you have to squeeze the tube which can make it a bit wobbly but I like the effect and the texture.I’ve used black here but they do it in other colours including gold and silver, great for the Christmas table.

So, first things first, what to paint? I bought these glasses in Tesco, only £1.50 for four.
2016-03-15 12.33.38Now the design, one of the best things about painting on glass is that you don’t need to be able to draw freehand, you can easily trace an image because you can stick in on the back. I decided to go simple, I’m going to do a tree through the four seasons.

I live in a surburban area but am lucky enough to be surrounded by trees and very close to woodland. Since being here I have been made ever more aware of the trees year, from sweeping up piles and piles of leaves, to being covered by blossom in the Spring, each season is beautiful in it’s own way.
So, my simple tree starts like this…

2016-03-15 14.36.55

Now to stick it in place inside the glass, my image is only going on one side of the glass but l do not want it to go to the very top, it feels funny to touch with your lips when drinking.
Now with my outline I draw my tree..

I do the same tree on all the glasses, now you have to leave it to dry.
It can be removed at any stage if you change your mind. I left mine overnight.
Now to paint…

This is my tree in Autumn.
Now Winter…

Spring next…

and finally Summer!

The only one with no mixing of paint is Winter. To make the greens I put green and yellow near each other on the palette and just took a bit of each then mixed about. Same with Spring using red and white. Autumn was yellow, then yellow mixed with a bit of red to make orange and then a bit of red mixed with green to make a brown. This brown was also used on the tree trunk.
The snow, blossom and Autumn leaves were also dotted about on the ‘ground’.

Now they must be left to dry, again I will leave overnight. You can still remove your design at this stage, even when dry.
After firing at 325ºF (160ºC), in a kitchen oven, they are resistant to washing. It does say you can use a dishwasher, but I think if you do something you are immensely proud of, wash by hand!

2016-03-17 11.12.56

Let me know if you do any glass painting.

Back soon,

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