Paint a box… repaint a box

Never leaving anything as it was …. well that can mean never as it was intended, or never as I had previously decorated it.
I recently decorated a wooden box ….

I lined the inside with my old favourite sticky fabric from The Works. I know I overuse it but it’s so nice, looks pretty and makes an effective drawer liner.

I decided pink would go well and coloured the rim with a pink Sharpie pen.
2016-03-12 15.08.59

Gold Sharpie was then used around the base of the lid.. unlike painting – with a pen there is no need to remove the hinges or fastener, just draw around them.

I then decided to carry on colouring in with Sharpie pens.

To finish off I borrowed some of my daughters decorative masking tape …

Went over the box with a X pattern using the gold sharpie and the box was done.


I decided that I didn’t like it.
So, I peeled off the tape, took the hinges and fastener off and painted the outside with black acrylic paint. (I still like the inside so I’m not going to change that).
As it was a lovely sunny day (Good Friday) I was actually sitting outside and noticed that ivy was trailing all down the wall beside me, so I picked a bit off and copied it on to my box…

Here’s my selection of paints used, and how I mixed my palette…

With the brown (mix of green and red) I painted on the stems and then with the green painted on the basic shape of the leaves randomly over the box

I let this dry for a while.
Then started to add detail to the leaves… I used the same green but with a bit of yellow mixed in.
2016-03-25 12.16.55.jpg
The following slide show is to show how I added the ‘veins’ to my leaves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You will also see I added a little of this bright yellowy green to the stems, just to liven it up a little.

Once finished, a critic, passing by, said it looked a little severe so I added my trusty glitter paint. I love this, it’s sold in Tesco children’s art section and is amazing. As this critic is also vehemently against glitter – ok so it goes everywhere.. its so pretty, who could mind? No answers required….

A final lick of varnish and it’s done. I prefer it like this – do let me know what you think.

Back soon with more of my arts and craftiness,


About rosiesartsandcrafts

An avid arty crafty kind of person, I can never leave anything as it was intended, as you will come to see as I post my arty and crafty blogs which follow a self-imposed challenge to create something every week and blog about whatever I've done. I hope my work will inspire your own creations but please note that the text, pictures and artwork are ©rosiesartsandcrafts unless otherwise noted; all rights reserved. The content of this blog may not be copied or used without permission. Projects and layouts may not be copied for submission to contests, magazines, or other publications in any form. For questions or comments please email
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