Joyous event

How wonderful it is to hear that a new baby has arrived safely in the world.
For sometime I have been giving cards based on the baby’s name, with often some images to do with the family interests or way of life.

My daughter recently advised me that some lovely friends of hers had a new arrival in their family, a girl named Lucy.
Perfect short name for one of my cards. I was asked to do one and was very happy to oblige.

It’s not an original idea – plenty of people do similar designs. I try to not look at these as I like to keep my own style but in the interest of this blog I have had a look around. I’ll put some links at the end, along with a gallery of some of my other efforts.

For this one, I took photos along the way (sometime I will film myself doing a drawing)

2016-02-18 20.20.27

First of all I measure out the shape – an A4 sheet folded in half makes a good size card and is easy to frame if that it the plan.
Then get the name situated in about the centre of the card, make the letters as big as you can, obviously this does depend on the length of name!

You can see above that I have only done the name and the teddie’s head, his body will be behind the letters and will take some thinking about.

If you have a very long name to do it may be worth considering a long oblong, so you can keep the letters a decent size.
2016-02-22 15.59.08

or if a very short name, a square may suit? 2016-02-22 16.03.05

Once I’ve got the design penciled in it is time to start inking it in. This picture shows how it looks a bit muddly with the bear behind the ‘Y’. His paw is in front of the letter though, I like to do this as I feel it brings it all together and looks as though the bear is hugging the letters.

2016-02-18 20.38.14

As you can also see here the bear is not drawn with heavy lines, I’ve used a thin drawing pen and using those little lines to give the effect of fur.

So now I carry on and ink in the rest..

As you can see above I used Staedtler pigment liner 0.3. These are really nice drawing pens although there are plenty of others available. I buy mine from Cass Arts because they are really well priced there, as are their other products. In fact I am also using their watercolour paper for this card. It’s this… (as you can see I got it at half price!) 2016-02-18 20.56.20

So, the design is made,

(I decided to draw some little flowers around the border) it’s inked in so now we can rub away the pencil!

Now, its the time to add some paint. Now obviously you can colour in anyway you like, colouring pencils would be fine, acrylic paint, felt pens, water colours and my favourite water-soluble colouring pencils.

For this card I’ve used quite a few methods… firstly watercolour paint for the bear….

The colour I’ve used is yellow ochre which I think is a perfect bear colour. For his pads and inside the ears just a slightly pinky/yellow ochre.

You do have to take your time behind the letters – it’s so easy to paint part of the letter bear colour by mistake. With this colour and using it quite watery you can blott out mistakes but it’s so much easier not to gone wrong in the first place!

Next to colour is the letters – again I opted for a watercolour palette

My paints are pretty old, but it’s easy to refill the palette and handy to have the mixing palette so near… mine need a bit of a clean!

2016-02-21 20.05.43
Once the pink had dried I considered what colour the dots should be.. I went for green, it’s not always true but I do find most of the pictures of this ilk look better for having some red/pink, greens, blues and yellows. Other colours go in of course but somehow the picture looks more balanced with these colours included.


2016-02-21 20.31.10

I used a felt pen.

So now I have my pink and green lettering I carry on colouring, using paint, felt pens etc whichever suits…

Lastly just a little shadowing around the letters using a grey water-soluble colouring pencil. They are always debates about shadowing, does it enhance the picture, just look cartoony, messy. It’s up to you really, I like to use it and feel it brings out the letters. But, it’s personal taste.

2016-02-21 20.49.16

I realise not everyone thinks they can draw but, at a recent lunchtime session of how to draw a cartoon face we showed how easy it really can be. If you can’t draw a straight line… use a straight edge. Take things back to basics and copy. Drawing is like any other skill and practise really can make perfect. A blog on drawing cartoon faces was published recently.

Here’s a few others that I have made over the past few years…

The basic design I currently do is:-

2016-02-22 14.44.12

If you are interested in my doing one for you please let me know.

Other baby name pictures:-
Disney Baby
there are so many out there…

Back soon with more artycrafty stuff



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