Really really mini drawers…

Now I know I have painted and decorated a couple of sets of drawers in previous blogs, but I really, really like drawers! Everything has a place and can be found again!

I used to use a set of Ikea drawers on top of my bedroom  chest of drawers which held all my jewellery and cosmetics.

Now I’m going to have a proper little dressing table in the form of an old school room desk, at the moment it is too low – can’t sit at it with a normal chair, I’m waiting for the shed to be finished which will be a workshop and any little jobs such as extending legs on a desk will be done by the resident handy-man. Hoping that will be some day real soon.

So, while I’m waiting I am creating storage containers, the nine drawers I recently blogged about will hold necklaces but I hadn’t found the perfect earring container (yes, I do have a lot of jewellery!)

A trip to one of my favourite shops The Works during my lunchbreak may have given me the exact right earring storage drawers!


I decided to stick them together – I used PVA glue, put it on both sides – let it get tacky then pushed them together, I put them on the book shelf over night – the books rammed tight to help them stick.
2016-04-19 17.59.30

Now to decorate – they are really quite tiny   2016-05-01 11.58.12

If you saw my blog about the heart shaped tray you’ll already know that I was given some simply marvellous papers for my birthday, I decided these would be good to use for this project too. I’ve just notice the designer of these gorgeous designs has a blog, link here if you are interested.

I started to plan how I would decorate the drawers – and found this pretty sheet of a gilt bird, simply too nice to cut up really… but I thought if I use the image for the fronts of the drawers I could keep the ‘picture’ albeit in six pieces. This was a bit tricky… the pictures show how I did it:-
2016-05-01 11.58.52

2016-05-01 12.02.12

2016-05-01 12.03.18

2016-05-01 12.05.29

2016-05-01 12.05.37

2016-05-01 15.23.12

2016-05-01 15.24.45

2016-05-01 15.25.53

Oh, I painted the draw pull with a gold pen…2016-05-01 12.16.46

I actually painted around the edges of the drawers and on the sides of the whole thing too… these pens are very paint like, I really like to use them, especially as they write on just about anything.

Then I cut up loads more of the papers and stuck them to the top with PVA again … two sections of the pink/gold bird paper again on the sides, lined the inside of the drawers with a square of green felt and they were done!
Again the pictures tell the tale,  if you think I’ve left anything out just ask!

And this is the finished product, I really like them and think I’ll be able to find my earrings again!

Bye for now



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