Who doesn’t love a cushion?

I love a cushion, or two or three….obviously they help to get you comfy but also they provide a quick and simple way of updating a room.

Wikipedia has this about cushions:  The cushion is a very ancient article of furniture; the inventories of the contents of palaces and great houses in the early Middle Ages constantly made mention of them. Cushions were then often of great size, covered with leather, and firm enough to serve as a seat, but the steady tendency of all furniture has been to grow smaller with time. Today, the cushion is considered an upholstery item.  


I’m always changing my cushion covers, at the moment most of them  are covered in my crocheted efforts.

p1090929  I brought in a little mauve with these gorgeous cushions from Marks & Spencer (I don’t think they have the same ones on sale now but these are similar) and a throw to cover the poor old sofa cover which I ruined with a steam cleaner!

But soon, the office section of the room will be relocated to the spare bedroom and I will treat the room to a cushion update!
So, whilst I had the place to myself for the weekend I got making…

I had these curtains from my old house , they were from Laura Ashley and pretty pricey (Laura Ashley don’t stock them anymore), I usually just make my own but I was very taken with these and they fitted my windows perfectly.p1090930As they fit the windows and French doors in my new home perfectly I am happy to keep them.
I managed to buy a bit of the same material from eBay and then I got some bargains in the Laura Ashley sale. The two new fabrics complement the curtain fabric well and I decided to have some fun cutting them up and sewing together.

I cut one of the ‘flowers’ out and did some hand embroidery on it…

this was then stuck on with fabric bonding and stitched all around with a blanket style stitch on the machine.

The following pictures show how made my cushion covers.. five in total.
I’m not putting them in place yet – not until the room is finished!

I’m pleased with them, the fabric is very good quality. I was lucky to have sewing thread and zips which suited. A good day for me and my sewing machine!

Thanks for reading
Back soon,
love Rosie






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An avid arty crafty kind of person, I can never leave anything as it was intended, as you will come to see as I post my arty and crafty blogs which follow a self-imposed challenge to create something every week and blog about whatever I've done. I hope my work will inspire your own creations but please note that the text, pictures and artwork are ©rosiesartsandcrafts unless otherwise noted; all rights reserved. The content of this blog may not be copied or used without permission. Projects and layouts may not be copied for submission to contests, magazines, or other publications in any form. For questions or comments please email rosiemiddleton2@gmail.com
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