Applique cushion with vintage fabric….

Firstly folks I have to confess that this is not actually vintage fabric but lovely new fabric in a vintage style.
My friend of … eek… a lot of years, kindly gave me some of her beautiful fabric.
She’s a skilled patch worker and although I am keen to try more of that too, I do love applique, and whilst folding and tidying my fabric stash I decided to use some of it.

I have many of these cushion covers which I bought in IKEA. I do love to make things in their entirety but really, these are well made, the zip is concealed and it doesn’t seem worth doing that bit myself when the decorating is the fun part!

So on a nice warm afternoon I fixed some of the reds and greens to some Bondaweb and then started cutting out the leaves and the petals.

Once I had some of various sizes I started to lay them in place, leaves first then the largest petals, removing the paper backing and pressing them in place with a warm iron. Finishing up with the smallest petals and leaving a hole in the middle.

Then I took myself into the garden and started blanket stitching with embroidery silk around the raw edges of every petal and leaf, whilst listening to a play on the radio and enjoying a coffee… bliss.
(OK there was quite a lot of hand sewing around all those petals so it wasn’t done in one session… I had quite a few sessions – mostly in the garden though, it’s been a lovely long hot summer in England!)

Once I had the petals and leaves in place and stitched I started on the centre. I had some of the same type of fabric in a pale yellow and cut it into little strips, these I folded over and stitched so the edges were all folded in, then I looped three of them and stitched in place and rolled the fourth and made it the centre.

I’m not sure what flower it is meant to be but I like it.
My daughter says it’s Christmassy, too Christmassy for everyday?
So now the decision – do I keep or put on Etsy…

Thanks for reading
Back soon



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