dietI’ve always loved crafts, drawing and generally changing things to suit me.

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After a break from doing much in the world of arts and crafts due to ‘real life’ getting in the way, I’m back, and with the advent of blogging I find that I can talk to other crafty people and I love it. My blog is all about a self-imposed rule that I must ‘do’ something everyweek and blog about it. So far (and I’ve been doing it since this January 2016) I have found it easy and great fun to do…

So, follow me if you wish, I’d love to hear what you think and see the artycrafty things you make/do too.

I live on the edge of Surrey, England, I am happily married, have one very lovely daughter who is grown and left home (but whom I still see a great deal of),  I  work in an office through the week but have a small home which doesn’t require too much of my time!
I’m happiest with a brush or pen in my hand, the radio on and a coffee handy…….bliss.
10400978_10153770788120761_565042110160079577_n                                                                           Love, Rosie

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