Tissue Box Cover…

I was recently spending some time with my mother and she was having a little tidy around before more guests arrived. Her flat is lovely and light.
I was sitting by the window and noticed that her furniture was looking very co-ordinated.
My mum went shopping for some cushions to go on her turquoise sofa once and came back with red ones…she currently has ones which co-ordinate with her sofa!

Anyway whilst sitting there I noticed the only glaring item was a box of tissues, bought for the quality of the tissues and not the pretty box!

So, I decided that the next time I visited Hobbycraft I’d get another box to decorate.

This is what I did… img_7417.jpg

First of all I painted the whole thing inside and out in white acrylic paint and left to dry.

Then I painted it all a turquoise blue and left that to dry.


Then I chopped my sponge to a rectangular shape and ‘stamped’ white rectangles all over the top and sides of both box and lid.

Once that was dry I added some dark turquoise paint on top
img_7435.jpgI let that dry and then decided to add a little ‘bling’. I splodged my Pentel Gold marker on some scrap card to get a little puddle of gold and then stamped with the gold on top of everything.

Well, that’s it, all done.

Hope she will like it!
Back soon, love Rosie


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Trinket Box…

This little trinket box was a  recent purchase from a Poundland store, I thought this would make a nice project.
Originally I thought I would paint the flowers separately, however I realised that as they are so close to each other it might work in one colour.
So I got my china paints out and painted the whole thing inside and out with a lovely deep pink colour.

As usual with these paints, I left it to dry overnight and then baked in the oven for 30 mins on a very low heat.
Once cold I removed it and decided to sponge some gold over it. I used just a little of the gold paint from a Pentel gold marker,

img_7510.jpg            img_7511.jpg               img_7512.jpg              img_7514.jpg
I gently sponged over the whole pot, I sponged more intensely at the edge of the lid and base of the bowl.
What do you think?

I think it looks rather nice painted.
Thanks for reading,
back soon, Love Rosie




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Sewing class….

I recently spent a few days with a great friend and one day was, as last time, a day sewing with a  Busy Bee.  Perfect day!

I decided on making a cover for my sewing machine and went armed with my measurements and the plastic cover which came with the machine.

It can be quite daunting when starting a new project but I was soon underway, having chosen my fabrics for the ‘grass’ the flowery base of the caravan and the top.

The grass and the flowers and the creamy top colour were sewn together and then the quilting began.. so exciting. There was a pattern of course, you can easily find these online.

One the whole thing was quilty it was shaped and then we started on the doors and windows. Due there being so much chatting and laughing during the day, I made my windows and curtains and started on the window frames and then took it all home to finish…. with plenty of helpful advice!

When I was home I decided to add a vase of flowers to one window and a window box to another….


img_7414.jpg This was just a few leaves drawn on with a fabric pen, a felt vase and a few yellow buttons.

After sewing everything together it’s done! I’m very pleased with it. I added bunting too.
The sharp eyed of you may notice that Mrs Littleton has also made one…


Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie

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Leeks ….

I’m so sorry to keep showing my doll house makes, the thing is I need lots of things to keep introducing into my story and so I have to make them, then before I know it the week has gone and my self-imposed challenge of a weekly blog comes around and the only thing I’ve done is at 1/12th scale.

Well, if you’re following my little tale you’ll be aware of the allotment and the fact that vegetables in season come all at once and in the days before freezers this made life difficult and menus potentially very boring even with the most inventive of cooks!

My daughter gave me the lovely market stall to make.
I did so and made lots of vegetables from Fimo Polymer clay which is lovely to use.
But, and this is a bit of a secret, I stuck the veg to the stall with glue (well it’s very small and they are fiddly and I am clumsy!).
I decided to make some more veggies, brown paper bags may be my next make!

A rainy Saturday afternoon proved the perfect time to use a supply of DAS air-hardening clay I had.
Fimo requires baking. So I tried with the clay and found it really nice to work with, I made loads of fruit and veg.
When it was dry (I left till Sunday afternoon) I painted it.
Some pieces I varnished – but only those which look better shiny.

So far I have only brought in the leeks to show you. The maid is going to use her new soup tureen and make some leek and potato soup. She entertains the girls of the house by telling them that if they sleep with a leek underneath their pillow they will dream of their future husband, the girls are young but recognise this as a humorous tale. Well, I think they did….

So here are my leeks:-
I just rolled long sausages, then I cut one end off and flattened the other, slightly stretching the clay to make it look leek-like. I painted the leeks white with acrylic paint, let that dry completely and then used a couple of green acrylics to dab the end and then colour the flattened out end, I just smudged the paint down the leek with my finger and let it dry, what do you think? Leek like? They will only be seen in black and white Instagram’s #willowfilter but here they are in glorious colour! Sorry I didn’t take more photos, I had very orange hands from the clay so my verbal description will have to do.


just the leeks

and finally, just for you, the Littleton’s kitchen in colour…

Thanks for reading,
I’ll be back soon
Love Rosie

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A Wedding Anniversary Card

A couple of years ago I made an anniversary card, using pens and gels to create an image which has been inspired by cross-stitch.

I used to really enjoy cross-stitching, then moved on and haven’t ever gone back.
I really like Jo Verso’s books though, P1090191 she has created an encyclopaedia of cross-stitch patterns for just about everything!

So, I decided to cheat! I drew a pencil grid on the card and drew on the xxx’s to look like stiches…          p1090189.jpg

Then turned to the alphabet pages in the book.. P1090190 and started to spell out the names and dates I wanted to ‘sew’.

Then as you can see I sewed some hearts and blobbed on some pearly gel…

and that was it, I’ve taken out the date to preserve the privacy of the recipients.

Fun to do, and a whole lot quicker than sewing! (Though I do love to sew)

Back soon,
love Rosie

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That tray…

Well I said I didn’t like it, that poor tray has had another re-do.
A friend recently gave me a bag full of small plastic discs…I’ve been trying to think of what I could do with them. So when I thought I’d given the tray a re do I tried laying on the discs, they fit perfectly across and so I tried them along the length of the tray – again a perfect fit!

So, I ripped off the lovely Rob Ryan paper and stuck the discs on with PVA.
Then when dry I coloured the discs with my favourite Pental Paint marker…and then the bits in between.

img_7199.jpg    img_7200.jpg

That’s it, I quite like it now. I’ll give it a coat or two of varnish and leave it alone now!


Back soon,
Love Rosie


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Have you ever tried embroidery? It’s such a lovely hobby. I’ve done it for years on and off and I’m really pleased that my daughter has taken to it recently.

I was rummaging around in my cupboard the other day
and came across this eimg_6904.jpgmbroidery.             img_7141.jpg

It’s definitely not going to win any prizes but it is very special to me.

My lovely grandmother bought it for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.  It is still in the envelope and has this magazine cut out which has the photograph of the Queen to stick on the embroidery.
She didn’t get around to doing so many, many years later she gave it to me.

I’m not sure how old I was when she first gave it to me but I can remember doing some of the embroidery at her house. Probably asking her to re-thread my needle every five minutes!

Then, it got IMG_7147put away and left for more years.
I finally finished it, long after my grandmother had died and I have never done anything with it.
But, it got me thinking, these things are so full of memories. The fact that embroidery can take simply forever to complete, is somehow special.

It’s going back in the cupboard for now but I expect
it’ll be ‘found’ all over again sometime soon.


img_7146.jpg         IMG_7143         IMG_7144        IMG_7145

Here it is a bit bigger, read to the bottom to see the interesting reverse of the magazine page.


Fascinating stuff!
Back soon,
Love Rosie


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