Teeny Tiny Whittling…

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that my new Instagram account is taking over my life little by little… The Littleton family who reside in the dollshouse which belongs to my daughter but is still here in my home have ups and downs in their family life and one of the more recent story lines has been about music.. in particular a harp.

I used the harp as that was something my daughter already had in her dollshouse.
In my story the harpist falls on hard times and has nowhere to store her instument, the life of the musician has never been easy!

So, the Littleton’s offer to house the harp and the harpist offers free lessons in return.
But the harp is too big for the little girl and causes her some discomfort so a new musical instrument needs to be found as she is showing some talent in that direction.

Luckily Mr Littleton is quick off the mark and buys a recorder, some instructions and a handy satchel to carry it all in… and so todays blog is how I made these little items.

Once I had decided to make a recorder I had to think what I could use… luckily I found some of those sticks you can put in airfresheners.

I had some new blades for my scalpal knife and off I started to take off the bits that did not look like  a recorder… basics for carving/sculpting isn’t it?
I did a little sketch. First of all I shaped the mouth piece and then just tried to give it a little bit of shape.

I used the tip of the knife to hollow out the mouthpiece and hole at the  bottom a little, and then used a pin to make the holes for the note holes, I added a little pen to allow them to show up..

Luckily this recorder is really really tiny so artistic licence could be used… I then drew the music books on thick paper and sewed the little bag from brown felt with a little bead for the fastener. Here they are all finished … img_2148.jpg
Here’s little Miss Littleton with her new recorder…IMG_2168

Thanks for reading, hope you like the Littletons if you decide to read them too!
Back soon,
love Rosie



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Bobbin Lace…

Many years ago at a village fair my daughter had a go at bobbin lace… and was quite literally hooked.
We eventually found a teacher and for a while we had an evening activity learning the first moves in lacemaking.
We had to buy quite a lot of ‘kit’ : a pillow, special pins, card, blue sticky film and best of all loads of beautiful bobbins with glass beads attached….

This picture shows a spider pattern, which is on card and then covered with this blue film…each of those black dots will have a pin pressed through and the lace is formed around these pins.


There’s lots of twisting involved and the passing under and over of each pair of bobbins.

The bobbins are in pairs and each matching pair is different from the others, my bobbins are all plain but my daughter  had some decorated bobbins.

We didn’t get to make any bobbins ourselves as our teacher made her own and sold them to us, but making the bobbins and attaching the beads is a hobby on its own!

The pattern is pinned onto a pillow which supports the lace and allows for all those pins to be inserted.


It’s quite magical when you finish and get to remove the pins and hold the lace you’ve created.
It’s a really nice hobby … we’ve both rather let it go but I am still in the middle of making this ‘spider’ which is a frame or edge for something and I will finish it one day….


The bobbins are all held in the right place with a giant safety-pin and the tape is also used to keep it all together… you really don’t want to get those bobbins in a tangle!

I had to take our ‘lace making’ to work with me and then to meet my daughter from school so we could set off to our class…I was quite a comic figure arriving at the office with two of these giant bags!

Interested in finding out more about this fascinating craft?

Back soon with more arty craftiness,
Love Rosie


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Cat money box

I’m not a great fan of cats although there have been a couple I’ve met who even I can see are quite nice.

But, many of my friends love them and are actually quite bonkers about them if truth be known, even those friends who appear quite normal in other ways….

Anyway, I have had an invite to a friends new house and I am really looking forward to it, there will be plenty of wine and chat, a take-away (I never have take-aways so this is a real treat) and no worrying about getting home because we’re staying the night…perfect (there are two cats also residing in the house!)

So, although we’ve had strict instructions not to bring anything I thought I could decorate for this little cat shaped money box for my host and do a little blog too!

I was in my fave shop The Works when I saw this little box, for some reason I bought it, obviously intending as a gift for one of the above crazy pals…

Not much to say about what I did, I just started drawing a cat, started with the eyes and kept going! I used a permanent drawing pen. The coloured it in with colouring pencils.IMG_2344(1)
I tried to keep the crayon lines in the direction the fur would go…

I used a mix of two greens and yellow for the eyes; light and dark browns and very dark grey for the fur.

I couldn’t decide what colour to paint the rest of the box and my husband suggested just leaving the wood.

I varnished the whole thing in a clear gloss varnish and that’s that. IMG_2347(1)

Back soon,
love Rosie

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Applique on skirt

My mantra when starting this blog was ‘never leave things as they are’. A plain black skirt is plain no more due to a bit of applique work.

Last year The Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society‘s amazing art work was used by Oasis for a clothing range. The Florilegium Society do absolutely awe-inspiring work.

As I was to attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show I decided to get a top but although it was gorgeous it didn’t work on me.
So I recently decided that it was too lovely to sit in the drawer…. I took my black skirt, some fixing paper, my (rarely used iron) and sewing machine and this is what I did….

As the background on the image is black and as I’m sewing onto a black skirt I didn’t have to be too neat or too close to the actual design.
As you can see I used a close blanket stitch on my machine and went all around the cut out. I also stitched a few lines through the whole thing…

and that’s it – here it is all finished.. I definitely prefer it to the top.

Thanks for reading, back soon,
love Rosie


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Flower Laser Cut Wooden Box

This week I have been back in the world of painting on wooden boxes.

It’s a really nice size box and I love the laser cut flowery lid.
Here’s what I did…
First I painted the background with silver acrylic.

Then I started to colour in the leaves and edging in green. I used two greens as you can see.

P1090943The flowers were next – two shades of lilac….

Then I got a bit carried away – adding a dotted pattern …

Next came some gel which I added all around the edges.. took a while and I slightly regretted starting but I kept going and luckily so did the gel!

Once the top was done I painted the base in the lilac and then with a blast from the past I sponged silver paint on top of the lilac…

and that’s it all done, quite a subtle colouring I think.(Although the whole thing gently sparkles with a glittery paint)
This box is for sale in my Etsy shop

Thanks for reading
back soon,
love Rosie


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Heart box

It might be a new year but I still enjoy decorating these wooden boxes from The Works, they are well made and ready to take drawing pens, paint, paper or even fabric.

As you can see I started to draw with a permanant fine marker, I covered the top with these little four petaled flowers with the little dots around which I like to think look like stitches. I kept going until the top was covered like this…


Then I started to colour…
img_1360 I coloured in the petals and leaves and then coloured the background with a pink colouring pencil… as you will see in the final picture I later decided to colour over this with a darker felt pen…
I then drew some larger flowers around the base of the box and coloured it all in. The main colour is a dark pink.
I lined the lid and base with white felt, and coloured in the sides of the inside.
Around the transparent heart I used a 3D paint (This paint can go on fabric too – it’s great to use)

and that’s it – all finished and will be put up for sale on my Etsy site.

Thanks for reading,

Love Rosie

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Felted Dog….

I am having a ridiculously fun time with my daughters dollshouse and my new Instagram advenure, it has led me to make a wedding dress for a maid, a fancy dress for the little girl, a new gown for the lady of the house and a work jacket and apron for the handy man.

A friend looked at the story and came up with the idea of the family dog stealing the joint of meat from the kitchen … well, I have the miniature joint of meat but realised I would need a bone for that is all that will be left when the culprit is caught.

Oh and the only dog my daughter had was a porcelain one. To make the story more interesting I wanted a pose-able dog… so I am having a go at felting one.
I have all the equipment from my recent felting endeavours and found this ‘how to‘ on the internet and so here I go….

To begin you need a lump of fluff which you then stab over and over and over to matt the fibres and start to shape into whatever you’re making. I definitely need more practise but for my purposes I think Dog looks sufficiently dog-like :-

p1090935 this and further blobs of fluff turned into:-

I stabbed away and joined the pieces together by added more of the wool fibres…

Then I added some eyes and some darker patches on his body…

and that was my Dog finished… here he is in situ at the Littleton’s. His arrival does cause quite a stir..

Thanks for reading.
Read and see  The Littleton’s Family Story if you want to see more (you don’t need an Instagram account to see it but you do if you want to ‘follow’ the story or add comments)

I’ll be back soon,
love Rosie



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