A simple coaster re-do…

I was sorting out a drawer recently and found an old coaster, it’s one of the those clear plastic variety that you can pop a photo in…
It was looking a bit tired so I pulled it apart and went around the edge with my favourite Pental Gold Marker.
Then I spotted this card, my daughter had given it to me and I just love it.


So, I cut out the size and was about to fit it when I decided to add a little decoration to the card…img_5726.jpg

Once done, I snapped the frame shut and placed on my new bedside cabinet, just got to wait for a morning cuppa now…
Back soon,
Love Rosie

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Just a few more napkins…

The thing is, one always needs napkins….

They used to be such an expensive thing to buy – which is strange when you think how easy they are to make. But, lately it seems shops are just giving them away and it would seem almost churlish to walk by without buying.

So, on a day off, with the radio on and listening to my one of my favourite programme I sat and drew on some more napkins.

Whilst thinking of what to do my eyes were drawn to my wall of books…

Can’t argue with that!

img_5330.jpg     IMG_5332

that’s true”



my absolute favourite!
There was another, not sure why I didn’t photograph – but you get the theme!

Thanks for reading,

back soon, love Rosie

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A decoupaged tray…

Thanks to my lovely neighbour I am going to be giving a little class on decorating trays later this month, I have bought some wooden trays ready for the class, but then had the opportunity to purchase some of these nice bamboo trays.
I’ve decided to do a simple decoration, I will be using is as an example in the class…

So, if you too fancy personalising a tray, here’s what I did…
As you can see this tray is a nice size, just right for serving canapés, a solo supper or bringing some snacks to a table…I’ve gone for the latter idea.


The first thing I did was to use some gold acrylic paint and a washing up sponge and ‘sponged’ the gold around the edge of the tray and very lightly over the inside. It’s a subtle look.


Then I got my chosen papers and started to cut out letters, I did an ‘S’ first. To keep the letters the same size I marked the size of the ‘S’. If you don’t like the freehand approach you could write your word on your computer, print out and make stencils from that.
I’m happy to take the risk of imperfections.

I kept going until I had all the letters I wanted and then stuck them to my tray with PVA. I coated the whole thing with a coat of PVA and left to dry..
img_6003.jpg             img_6006.jpg

Then I gave it a little rub down with some sandpaper and went over again with PVA. Finally, with a permanent gold pen I drew some gold stars on the base of the tray and it’s done.
Time for a little snack?
Back soon,
love Rosie

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Button Necklace….

Just a quick make this week, I was sorting out some buttons and came across these lovelies which I have had for ages but have never thought of what to do with them.

I decided to thread them onto an old spare neck chain!

First of all I sorted the order of the buttons… then with my jewellery pliers I took the large ring off the chain and kept it safely to one side.

The chain has simply been thread through the button holes….
When all the buttons were on; I replaced the end of the chain.

Then I laid all the buttons evenly and centrally and stuck them in place with the UHU glue

I smoothed the glue and left to dry..

Here’s my new necklace IMG_5961

Back soon
Love Rosie

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Drawing on a table cloth…

A while ago I was browsing in a Laura Ashley Home Store, I have bought quite a few bits and pieces from there over the years:- my bedroom light shade, a leather footstool, mugs, coasters, material, curtains…ok it seems I do really like their products.
Anyway they had a great sale on and I picked up these really nice felt coasters in a leaf shape. Perfect on the coffee table at this time of year, I was looking at them the other day and thought it would be fun to draw around them and have a scattering of leaves over a tablecloth.
So, whilst grocery shopping, I accidentally drifted into the Home section in my local Tesco and picked up a plain white, very reasonable tablecloth.
I recently had a rotten bug and couldn’t really be bothered to be terribly creative even after the bug had passed, but I started to draw around the leaf and realised that it was pretty effective so… I kept going!
I suppose  I could have used the coaster as a stencil but I really like them as coasters so wanted to keep it nice.
Here’s what I did…

I did a scatter of leaves in a diagonal line across the cloth and kept to a restricted palette of red, orange, yellow and green.


Once I’d got the outlines in place I used a light brush type line all around the edges and up the veins of the leaves …


Once I’d done that I went over each leave with a yellow, it made the colours look more rich…



I’m very pleased with it, what do you think?
Back soon,
love Rosie


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Hand-painted spoon rest

I recently brought this spoon rest, it was just plain white, just asking to be decorated!

I’ve got a bit hooked on this pattern at the moment but felt it suited this item.
Here’s what I did…

Then I changed my mind and wiped it clean. Porcelain markers are only permanent when baked so it’s easy to change your mind or amend mistakes!

So, then I decided to draw a line around the edge img_5536.jpg

and then started with a simple pattern…

I think it looks very effective but as you can see… it’s really easy

As you can see I added a little yellow to the centre of each shell-like shape.
It’s been baked and is ready to use.

Thanks for reading
Back soon, love Rosie

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Mini drawers decorated with daisies…


I was in The Works again the other day and just popped one more of these little drawers in my basket. They are such good value, made in MDF which isn’t everyone’s first choice but they are well made and so easy to decorate.
I decided to just draw straight on with a black drawing pen. I started on the front and drew a giant daisy head.

Then started on the sides and drew daisy chain styles all over the sides and the top.

I coloured in with crayons!

Thats how easy these boxes and drawers are to decorate. The white crayon shows up pretty well on the wood.

I coloured the insides of the drawers with a pink Sharpie and the outsides with a green felt pen, added a little gold to the top edges and that was it. I will fix the crayon and varnish them.
What do you think?

I’ll be back soon with more…
Love Rosie

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