Daisy ~ the butter dish

I recently popped to my local supermarket and whilst wandering around I spotted a white butter dish reduced to only £3.

I bought it, and decorated it, of course!

I used my porcelain felt pens and first of all drew on eyes and a nose…

Next, I drew some daisies all over her…

These were then coloured in…

Then I turned my attention to the dish, I decided to make this the grass…

Adding some little yellow daisies.
Well that’s it! I baked Daisy for half an hour to ‘fix’ the design and she’s ready for use. She’s sitting in my cupboard at the moment but may be given as a gift.


Thanks for reading, back soon,
love Rosie (and Daisy) IMG_5329(1)

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Wedding cake slice….

Together with other family we bought items from the wedding list for the main gifts for my niece’s marriage ceremony, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a few little homemade touches…

I had seen this cake slice in Tiger before and always thought I’d like to be able to get a plain one to decorate, but the other day I realised that I could use the writing on the slice and just add some personalisation to it.

Using porcelain pens means that it is fully permanent, Penny & Rich – it can go in the dish washer!

So this is what it looked like when I bought it…..12801261_1129831753717839_7479258012742368413_nI realised that the saying printed on it was just perfect for a wedding celebration.
I used just black and red porcelain felt pens and copied the handwriting style, adding a few love hearts.


I baked it for half an hour to seal the paints and that’s it…
Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie


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In a recent sort out I came across my old Pyrography set, its basically a soldering iron which is used as a pen to burn designs into wood.  Mines not a great one as the point at which you can safely hold the iron is a long way from the tip. Try drawing with a pencil while holding it half way up, your control is not great.

But I had a spare plain box from The Works and so decided to have a go today, I sketched on a simple log with a bit of foliage around it and started to burn…

Once happy with the burning, I coloured in the log and surrounding plants with colouring pencils…

Then I coloured in the box with felt pens and my favourite gold marker pen…

I’ve varnished it and that’s it, all done.


Back soon,
love Rosie




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Wedding Outfits (1:12th scale)

Well, there’s nothing like a family wedding and the Littleton Family were very happy to be officially invited to this one, they wish the happy couple every happiness in their future together!

Obviously they all needed new outfits to wear and so their friendly tailor (me) helped
Mrs Littleton in her dressmaking                             IMG_5075

Mr Littleton sported a new waistcoat and cravat.      IMG_5070

Mrs Littleton made herself a new dress and then embroidered a felt jacket, she made herself a nice hat too!

Little Miss Littleton was very happy with her new dress, lacy shawl and hat.

Baby had a lovely lacy dress and carried a silk flower (and was very well behaved!)
They had a lovely day and managed to get themselves in quite a few photographs at the event…

The day was shared on their Instagram post (only you get to see in colour!)

Thanks for reading,
Back soon,
love Rosie


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Another box…

This poor box has had many incarnations… I recently changed it to have Dennis the Menace pictures on it and was very happy with it – till I went to open it and realised I’d stuck the images on the wrong way – doh!

So out came the sanding paper and I’ve started again.
I’ve added gold paint all over it and then stuck some paper on the top and inside. On top I have added further layers of butterflies.

IMG_4851  img_4852.jpg


This is the inside:- IMG_4855
It’s still wet, that’s why it’s bumpy, actually might stick something over the poor bird on the inside of the lid – he’s lost his head.

img_4858.jpg  The whole thing has been covered in PVA glue and I think I like it!
Thanks for looking,
Back soon, love Rosie




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Inspired by Billy Connolly…

My husband and I watched a brilliant programme on TV recently. It was all about three new portraits of Billy Connolly in celebration of his 75th birthday.
It’s well worth catching up on if you can.

Whilst showing us his home town, Glasgow; Billy took us to a wonderful art gallery and to an exhibition of his own work. I must admit I didn’t know he drew but I really like the effect of his style of filling shapes and so I have, quite blatently, copied his style to decorate a little wooden box which holds metric weights for my kitchen scales.

I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted some metric weights but have never had sufficient funds to buy them… on a recent trip to a charity shop though, I found these…no more converting ounces to grams when trying out a new recipe!

Billy’s art is deceptively simple and I really like it.

I started with the black lines and just kept going….

I then decided to write the word ‘WEIGHTS’ on the lid – and do the lines all around..

I used a fine marker on the lid, but a thick Sharpie marker for the base.

Here’s the finished box …

Back soon,
love Rosie

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Basil the Badger….

Last night we were watching television and commenting about how quiet it was outside, the French doors were wide open and it seemed as though nothing was out there… suddenly there was a great kerfuffle and the sound of rummaging… I finally got up and took a look and there, on the wall (we live beside a bank of a hill so have a tiered section at the side), was a small badger!
I’m not sure who was more startled… but I know who can run the fastest…(not me!)

I returned to my seat and found my thoughts drawn back to a lovely poem written by my mother.
I illustrated the poem and had it made into a book for her….
here it is for you…
Basil the Badger

Basil Badger was rather shy, Basil001         Basil002He would come out at night And look at the sky.

Basil003  One night he had an awful fright

Basil004   Up in the sky was a big bright light.

Basil005To you and me, it was the moon

Basil006But Basil thought it was a balloon.

Basil007   “I wonder who is holding the strings?”

“Or is it flying on little wings?” Basil009

Basil010 Basil watched it through the night,

Until it started to get light. Basil011

But, as the sky got bright as day Basil012

Basil013   Like magic, the balloon just melted away…

The End.

Well, hope you enjoyed meeting Basil, I do love him.


©rosiesartsandcrafts and the ©Shirley Parker

Thanks for reading,
Back soon, Rosie

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