Jewellery Box

Last weekend I decided to have a go at decorating a little jewellery box which has a clear acrylic lid.

I had previously painted it silvery grey and the inner base was painted purple. I got out a nice big new black marker … (is there anything better?)
I just started to doodle to see where it would go, starting with 4 straightish lines then adding 15 swirls, a thin silver pen was used to draw another swirl on top of the others and was dotted over with the black pen.

I carried on the black around the wooden edge on the lid ….to me the design looked like it was stitched so I then added a ‘running stitch’ around the top of the lid and around the sides and across the partitions inside.
It’s a bit different for me but I quite like it!
What do you think?

Back soon,
love, Rosie


My Etsy shop is now open:

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A new dress….

Not for me.
I’m so busy with the Littleton Family Story that most of my crafty makes seem to be for them at the moment.

So a teeny make this week as I had to make a new dress for Baby Littleton who,  in the story,  has begun to toddle…
IMG_3258 Here she is in her baby gown… her legs are not that long!

First of all I took off the long skirt, the bodice is a little lace ribbon and I left in place, as well as the ribbon bonnet. I just removed the little blue ribbons.

As the lower part of her original dress was decorated with lace and silk I decided to cut away the plain cotton top.


I turned in the raw edge and with a simple running stitch I sewed around the new waist.

This running stitch was then used to gather in the waist.

Then I thought, as she’s a little older she may like a bit of pink ribbon around the waist … Not that we’ll see that as I use a #willowfilter
img_3264.jpg As she is starting to toddle, she better have some little shoes… I painted these on with a gel and then stuck some felt on the soles of her feet.


Lastly I added some little pink dots around the flowers on her bonnet – just to make it look a little different.
She’s ready to toddle! But is interested in her sisters postcard album first.


Forgive me if you’re already following The Littleton’s on Instagram, or do not use Instagram or are just not interested in the lives of a family who live in a dollshouse… I’m afraid they have rather taken over my free time!

This is the address if you’re wondering what’s it all about….

Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie



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Time to sew….

We’ve had a little clock on our mantlepiece for years… now it sits on a bookshelf as we have no fireplace.
I can’t actually remember what it looked like when I first bought it, but it’s been changed many, many times over time.
The design before the last one had some delicate flowers painted by my daughter, then we started going up to London regularly and I decided to draw the London skyline.

It’s stayed like that for quite a few years.


This morning, however I realised that, shock – horror I haven’t really done anything to blog about!
So I looked around the room trying to think what I haven’t written about and my eyes fell on this little clock.

This is what I did…

Firstly, I took the clock part out and left just the wooden case.

I picked off the skyline   IMG_3192

and then sanded down the white paint, which is all textured for some reason, can’t remember how that happened!IMG_3193

I then coloured it with my gold pentel marker. IMG_3194
I decided to use a sewing theme and stuck a paper tape measure around the bottom and half of it around the narrow top. IMG_3196

Then I remembered I had some plastic buttons which were all sewing items, so out came the button pot… some time later, there are a lot of buttons to sort through! IMG_3199
I found these buttons. IMG_3200

I cut off the button hook on the back and stuck them on with a strong glue. IMG_3203

This is it in situ, I quite like it, what do you think?
I’m thinking that everytime I look at the clock it will be ‘sewing time’!

Back soon,
love Rosie


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Mini drawers re-do

Some of the little drawers from The Works, which I really love and use everyday, have been put up for sale in my Etsy shop.
Some decorated for Christmas didn’t sell so I decided to re-do them…

The design on these was holly, which I had painted on in relief gel, so I sanded the drawer fronts down to get rid of the holly leaf outline…  IMG_3003
The holly berries had been also drawn on in this gel on the top and sides of the box but I decided to leave them, they make an interesting texture.

I used a Pentel gold marker and covered the entire box and drawer fronts including the little drawer pulls.

I allowed this to dry and then took a trusty Sharpie in green and started to draw a swirl, as I have been doing some gardening today the shape made me think of the ferns in the garden starting to come to life by unfurling…

So then I started to add ferns to my swirls.

When I had finished both sides, top and front I added a series of dots in a dark blue just to one side of the ferns.

And that is it, I will put it in my shop soon.

Thanks for reading,
love Rosie

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Have you noticed how as soon as we get a modern alternative we seem to, almost instantly, start looking back?

Music is a great example from vinyl to cassette to compact disc to MP3 and now back to the coolest thing is to own a record player and buy your music on vinyl…back to getting home and reading the cover whilst listening….
I was just listening to the radio and they announced that the printed word is outselling the ebooks, great news! I love books, I did buy a Kindle and it’s convenient but no where near as satisfying a read. My daughter’s friend has just had a second book published and I’m very proud to have two books on my shelf written by someone I know…not quite the same to have them on an ebook!
My husband is a keen photographer and although he has a digital camera he likes the effects that only film will give you and says that there are processing businesses being resurrected…things really do go around and around…

Hand-writing and the art of calligraphy seems to be having a resurgence in popularity (thank goodness), I’ve called this blog calligraphy but really it’s a modern version of calligraphy that I’m talking about, more flowing and less formal but beautiful none-the-less.

There are loads of artists who base all their work on the written word, a lovely friend recently gave me a work of art which had a good life philosophy most beautifully written on it in relief, the watercolour has been painted over the lettering, when the paint is dry the letters are revealed… it’s pretty special.
This link is just one artist who uses handwriting in her work and I follow her on Instagram

Last year I ran a one-off  ‘Draw a cartoon face – Lunch & Learn session’ at my workplace. It was a very small class but it was enjoyable to do and I think those who attended enjoyed it.
This year I was approached again and asked if I would do something  – luckily I had just seen a Facebook post about a friend attending a calligraphy class and almost without thinking I said I’d do one on that.

I’m not an expert by any means but have used calligraphy pens for as long as I can remember, in my first job in an Art & Craft shop I did all the signwriting for a while, even painting on the shop window! I always make my own cards including Christmas ones and it’s so much easier if you can write the greeting in a fancy kind of way, makes the card look more professional.

So to do the class I ordered some calligraphy ‘Chisel’ point felt pens and printed out sheets from the internet for them to practise on…there are loads out there. If you have a Pinterest account there are plenty for free download.
Of course there are kits and books and the pens are in stationers and art shops everywhere.
(As I advised the class – felt pens are great and easy to use but they don’t last long, I use a calligraphy pen by Rotring and I’ve had it for about 30 years – it’s never clogged! I can recommend it if you decide to take up this lovely hobby).

There were only 8 in the class which was great, the hour sped by and although ‘the holding your pen at 45 degree angle’ takes some getting used to by the end of the hour they all had produced some lovely writing.

One said that it was quite mindful, as you really need to concentrate and it is completely absorbing. Health benefits too – what more can one ask?

My basic tips are:-
* practise on a sheet of scrap paper first just to check you’ve got hold of the pen in the right way, do a line of vvvvvvvvvvv the down line is thick and the up is thin (I still do this at the start of using a calligraphy pen – only a quick vvvv and you know you’ve got it right)
* if you don’t usually do joined up handwriting then just add a little flick at the end of your letters to make them appear joined to the next
* to see the effect of the thin and thick lines you may find that writing your letters a bit larger than you usually do will be beneficial

Lastly – have a good practise and then just write with your calligraphy pen, if you’ve got the angle right you should soon get to see your writing takes on that italic style.
It really is all about practising, when you’re concentrating too hard on each letter you can also forget to spell, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spelled birthday ‘bithday’ – extremely annoying so copy or write lightly in pencil and go over it.

As a little test to see how quickly you can get this skill the class all wrote their names on a sheet of paper at the start of the class and then again at the end. There was a marked difference in even that short time.
If you haven’t tried it…you should.

Oh I know the computer can put your words into wonderful fonts but nothing beats a hand-written message.

IMG_2829 - Copy
Back soon,





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Vanessa Bell …

I was going to name this blog as being inspired by Vanessa Bell, but I’ve actually just copied one of her patterns….
I recently went to an exhibition of Vanessa Bell’s work at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.(It’s on until June so if you are able, it’s worth a visit – great cafe too!)

For many years I (along with many others!) have been incredibly interested by the group of people collectively known as The Bloomsbury Set. I’ve added a link if you’re interested…they are a fascinating lot.

I thought I’d decorate a box with pattern instead of my usual flowers.  I was going to use her’s and then add to it, but when I looked at it this morning I decided that actually I like it as it is.

This box was already stained in grey and I like that too.


The frst thing I did was cover the lid with my
trusty silver paint marker pen.



Then before that was quite dry I drew on the purple diamonds with a Sharpie. I used two shades of purple.

With an orange marker I drew the lines… again the silver was not quite dry.

It all looked a bit pale so I left it, thinking that today I would ‘add’ something…but as I said, I reckon it looks great.
The markers have worked with the wet silver to create an interesting effect. So, that’s where I’m leaving it. I’ll varnish later.


Thanks for reading,
Back soon
love Rosie

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Butterfly bunting

2016-03-15 10.27.03 A couple of years ago I went quite bonkers about bunting and made absolutely loads 11889626_10153230458148558_6550924493351528325_n

I was talking about this madness with a friend who said she had a new summer house and wondered if she could get bunting in different shapes, I said I’d make some butterfly shaped bunting and I got started….my machine broke and what with all the house renovations and doing loads of other crafts the bunting got put to the back of the cupboard.

Once I had my machine fixed I couldn’t find the butterfly half made bunting…. finally I did it and although I lost it again in the final part of the house renovation it has finally been given to my friend!

I’d like to do some more – I’m not sure it was the best ever bunting, the yellow thread is ‘glow in the dark’ which seemed a good idea at the time….

Since making that I have made some owl shaped bunting in a sewing class and I think I will revisit the butterfly idea again soon.

So I cut out some butterfly shapes – big little and a folded wing one, I just drew freehand but if that’s not your style there are plenty of outlines online.

I stuck the butterflys to an interfacing and then sewed them together with a ‘glow in the dark’ thread.

2016-01-31 12.42.26

I then sewed some bias binding and just caught the top of the wings.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been quite brief if you want anymore information please just message me.
Back soon,
Love Rosie

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