Dennis the Menace…

Some time ago I purchased a box of postcards featuring The Beano comic. The comic was first published in 1938 and is still going!  I recently visited a friend in hospital, had no idea what to take, didn’t know if he was eating, enjoying reading or what.
So I took a copy of the Beano, well comics always made me feel better when I was ill (of course I was a child… but still….).

Anyway, I love these images.
I’ve not had many sales of my decorated boxes on Etsy so I’ve decided to rub three of them down and start again.

This time I’ve used these postcards and decoupaged the boxes.
Here’s how they look, I haven’t shown you how I did it as it’s pretty obvious – cut to size and stick.
I did peel off some layers of card, and just left the thin picture, as the postcards are pretty thick.
I covered the whole thing in a coat of PVA glue to seal them, they’re on sale in my ETSY shop

Next one:-

And the last:-

Back soon,

Love Rosie

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Week off from the office….

I am lucky to be granted plenty of leave from work (not enough of course), and I always take it!
My husband doesn’t get so much so this week I have been home alone and I must admit I’ve had a marvelous time.

Monday I didn’t feel too energetic so I did loads of washing and stayed home.

Tuesday I took myself off for a little bus ride to a nearby town and found a few bits of white china and clear glass items in the Charity Shops there.  The bus ride took us near the lavender fields filling the bus with the beautiful scent, the people who joined the bus were very quiet and a few fell asleep tee hee….

Wednesday arrived and I took myself off to London to visit the Tate Britain Gallery and then to meet my daughter for her lunch break which was lovely. I left her to return to work and just had to browse in a book shop for a while.

Thursday, I was supposed to meet a friend who sadly had to cancel… so I did a few chores and then took myself off to a local Garden Centre. My husband and I are frequent visitors but I’ve always been rushed through the interesting bits and bob’s “we don’t want to look at this stuff do we??” Well, today I did! Nothing much that I wanted to buy but it was good looking.  I took the bus back home and pottered about for a while.

Then I looked at the things I’d bought to paint….

The vinegar jug, the teabag dish and the glass jug were all decorated with these marvellous pens which, when dry, are baked and then are permanent.
I’m never trying Sharpies again!

So, here’s the results of my afternoon…

The vinegar jug first:-

Now the glass jug:-


Finally the little teabag dish:-

As you can see I just wrote different words for tea and types of tea. I just used black and red and then added some black dots around the edge.

I deliberately restricted my palette with these, I can sometimes go a tad over the top.

Well, I’m happy with them.
See you soon,

Love Rosie

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Cloth bags….

Cloth bags seem to be latest giveaway at shows, at a recent garden show I managed to collect 4!
Whilst I appreciate the reason they hand them out is to advertise their company, I’ve taken to decorating them and using them as gift bags.

The main thing with using these is to take care if you use fabric paint to put some card or something inside  so the paint doesn’t leak through to the other side.

If you’re sewing – check you’ve not gone through to the other side… many moons ago I was making a draw string bag at school sewing class, the bags were to be used for our gym shoes and we were instructed to embroider our name in chain stick across the front…. it was only when I went to show the teacher that I found out I’d sewn through my school skirt too… some things just have to be learnt the hard way.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done to two of my collection of cloth bags…
This is the first one, I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos as I was making it, basically I cut out the hearts from the fabric (an old duvet cover I believe)

As you can see I’ve used machine blanket stitch all around… bit wobbly now I look more closely! The hearts were cut out of the fabric too…

Now the next one, I finally got to use the self covering buttons I bought ages ago… very easy to use and really effective, well I think so!
img_4300.jpg So the first thing I did was cut out some material (this was from a bundle my sister got for me at Aldi – only £3.99 for pack of 5 quarters.

There was a little bit printed on the bottom of the bag so I’ve added a little pocket…
img_4307.jpg I’ve used my fav stitch on the sewing machine (blanket stitch).

The buttons were next…

I really liked making these – I’m going to add a few as decoration to my bag…

And that’s it – oh the pearly gel is just to hide a little line of print on the bag. It’s Dylon fabric gel so is washable.

Well, that was a nice little project to keep me quiet on a rainy afternoon.

Back soon,

Love Rosie

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Forgotten skills….?

Last week I was making teeny playing cards, and building playing card castles for a little story line on my Instagram feed.

I put out the question “what next….?” and got a couple of good replies, one was dominoes – definately an easy game to make at 1/12th scale and I will be making that game, but another was “what about a hankerchief mouse…..?”

I looked this up on the trusty internet and there, as it seems there always are, were video clips of how to make a mouse from a hankerchief.

It was my sister Sally who had suggested it and she told me that when she was staying at our grandmother’s house one time she had forgotten her teddy.
Apparently I, always a sickly child, had been taken into hospital, she remembers our father dropping her off in a hurry and teddy had been forgotten.
So, my grandmother found a gentlemans hankerchief and created a white mouse for my sister to cuddle.
Sally confessed that she forgot teddy on purpose occasionally afterwards, so she would be made another hankerchief mouse by our lovely grandmother.

I haven’t made the one at dollshouse scale yet but here’s my effort at making one with a hankerchief. I’ll add the link so you can try it too!

IMG_4153 Firstly, lay down the hankerchief on a flat service and fold it diagonally.
IMG_4154 Then fold in the points – overlapping as shown.

Now start rolling it up, nice and tightly…


Next fold over the rolled up sausage,
over- lap the ends


Now keep rolling it round and around until you can poke your thumb through…

Now you can tease out the ends, one will be left – just give it a twist and the other tied to form the mouse ears and head… if your clever you make the mouse run up your arm!

Watch the clip here

Thanks for reading, I’m off the to spend the day drawing and sewing, will share next week,
love Rosie

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In the dog house….

It’s been a busy week and somehow I haven’t done much I can show you, I had to do a couple of name cards for new baby twins but I’ve shown you that kind of drawing before.
So, I’m afraid we’re back with my ongoing Instagram account about the family who live in the dollshouse, The Littletons.

If you follow the story you’ll know the Dog is in disgrace this week, if you don’t follow it.. well lets just show you what happened…


So, the Dog has been banished to the garden. But at least he got to keep the stolen sausages!

Luckily the handyman is very fond of the Dog and has made him a kennel to live in…

Here’s how it was done:-

I used very thin wood, which I purchased from Hobbycraft. It can be cut with a craft knife. So I cut the sides (the length of the dog) and a front (with hole cut in it) and a back. I stuck them all together with an all purpose glue and also stuck the whole thing on some card.

I folded a length of card for the roof and cut tiles from more card. I laid double sided tape on the roof and stuck the ’tiles’ on.

The whole thing was painted

and that is that… I think Dog will be very cosy in there.
Here he is looking very comfortable, he is a lucky dog as Little Miss Littleton has a juicy bone for him.

If you don’t follow the Littleton family it may look odd, me using some colour, some black and white photographs. I only show the Littleton story using the Instagram willow filter which is black and white.  A few sneaky colour photos here just to show what it looks like in real life!
If you’re reading this as a miniature world fan and live in the USA, you can read about the Littleton family in American Miniaturist Magazine July issue.

Back soon,

Love Rosie

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Gardening at 1:12th scale…

Ever since the Littleton Family’s life has been documented via an Instagram post their small garden has featured.
The handyman is pretty good at working in the Littleton’s garden and is always having to help his employer to realise his expectations!
The family have only a small garden….but Mr Littleton has big ideas.

This weekend saw the handyman working in the garden and he has made a great effort.
The ramshakle shed was given a coat of wood-preserver and a lovely new roof – oh yes this handyman is one in a million! (The Instagram account only uses their #willow filter but you can see it in colour!)

He then sorted out the many terracotta pots scattered around and filled them with plants and everlasting flowers.

(Ok he did have some help – this is my craft blog after all!) The leaves were maid from a sheet of foam bought from Hobbycraft.

He trimmed the hedge and suddenly some gorgeous sun-flowers appeared!
Mr & Mrs Littleton visited their garden and were very impressed, the handyman received a cash bonus for all his hard work….

Thanks for reading! I’ve given the link many times before so, sorry to keep repeating myself, but if you’d like to follow the Littleton Family Story just click ‘here.

Love Rosie


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Drawing on napkins…

For a recent birthday I received some little bird ornaments…there is a little story about these. My sister and I visited a Christmas Ideal Home Show and the very first stall had some lovely decorations which included some pears which were decorated the same way these birds are. I was going to get one but my sister advised against buying from the very first stall and suggested we look around first, sound advice you may agree but that stall vanished into thin air…and I did not get my pear.  My sister then ordered some online and I was presented with 8 of these lovely pears!

My little house being surrounded by trees has led me to have a bit of a bird theme and I was very happy to receive these gorgeous birds…but, I didn’t really know what to do with them. I considered tying them to drawer pulls but they are quite clanky for that. So they’ve been sitting in a drawer awaiting inspiration.

Today I purchased a pack of 4 linen napkins from Laura Ashley (on sale!) and as I have had a day off work I decided to sit in the garden and decorate them with my fabric pens. As  I thought about what to do, I had a flash of inspiration, trotted off to find the birds, with the intention of drawing the birds on the cloth. Once I saw them though I decided to use just the design on the birds and use the birds as napkin rings. Here’s what I did….

Here’s the first one:-

The next one:-

Number 3:-

and the last one:-

Well, I had a lovely afternoon doing these drawings, sometimes when life just gets in the way I find you need to switch off, my chosen way is to doodle… oh I pressed them when done and now I’m ready for my next dinner party.

Back soon, love Rosie


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