Luggage (12th scale)

In March we took a little trip to York. We’ve been before but a long time ago and, rightly as it turned out, we thought we’d visit again. We stayed in a central hotel which was lovely and near everything.
I had done some research, looking for shops I might like to visit as I had one day to myself, the National Railway Museum being my husband’s destination for the day.
I had discovered that there was a dollhouse stall in the Shambles market! What joy!

I bought a few bits and pieces including this kit, of a set of luggage.
Once home I started to make this little kit and it’s come in useful already for in the Littleton Family Story it’s still 1920ish so they have been able to travel!

The instructions were very clear and the parts of the kit all nicely prepared.  I did get rather sticky but it was a satisfying make and looks pretty smart I think!

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Poor Mr Littleton, his wife has filled all the cases to the very brim!

Thanks for reading,
back next week,

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Keeping it together….

As a self-isolating person I have had a bit of time this week, luckily I have loads of things to keep me busy and hopefully my place of work will soon have us all up and running in our homes.  But for this week I have been keeping myself amused.

My old trusty sewing machine has been suffering from hic-cups for some time now and I had decided to upgrade and get a new one sometime.  With the recent events I decided that while we can still order items I would do so.  A delivery man dropped off a giant box the very next day and my husband gave it a good clean before unwrapping it for me… such joy!

In an effort to get used to the new machine and with no further bunting required ( I have miles made!) I decided to make a cloth bag. I found a Japanese Knot bag tutorial on YouTube and set to make one after watching. (There are loads of these tutorials and some I found easier than others – I’ll leave you to find one that suits – if you decide to make any).

It took me three before I managed to do one without having to unpick and redo at least one part, but finally did some.
I’m going to try some more mixing up of the material next, using more sections but I’m pretty pleased with my first efforts.

The first one I made has become my  bag to hold the minimum of requirements for my little walk around the blog, no longer need money as I can’t go in shops!

So, as we are all saying to each other now, please stay safe and well,

thanks for reading,
love Rosie

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Last year my daughter and I spent an amazing day at a The Knitting & Stitching Show in London’s Ally Pally.

We had a great time and met some amazingly talented people.
We watched a demonstration of wet felting and as we have both found felting the most hilarious activity ever, Lily decided to treat herself to a kit, always cheaper at these events and of course you get to meet the maker.

She bought a Lily Picture kit – link here if you fancy a go!

Well my daughter finished her picture and then passed the box to me – it’s a generous kit and there was plenty of wool left.

So I had a go, I want it for my bathroom frame so I have mine portrait.
So here’s mine. 1
I didn’t take pictures of the method, I’m not confident in this and I don’t think it’s the craft for me, but I will try some more and it really is great fun to do, for expert tuition please see Andrea Coleman, she has plenty of online tutorials for you!


Thanks for reading,
Back soon,
love Rosie


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Daffodil time…(part 1)

I haven’t been painting so many boxes lately, but I decided to have a trip to The Works the other day and saw this money box. It’s so plain I couldn’t bare not to decorate it.
So, once home I painted it with a matt acrylic black and left it alone to dry over night.

Then I wondered how to decorate it and whilst gazing out of the window thinking…          I noticed the simply darling little narcissi and decided on a daffodil.

So I sketched out my flower with a white colouring pencil.

Then I went over with a white acrylic paint. Not too thick a layer and I took time to use the brush in the direction of the lines on the flowers, stems and leaves.

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And that’s where I’ve got up to, I will share the next stage soon!
Thanks for reading,

Love Rosie


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This week I had a go at drawing a mandala, I watched a mesmerising video and decided to have a go. I drew around bowls and plates in ever decreasing circles until my compass would do and then used that to continue the circles until  I reached the  middle.

There are loads of patterns to either print out or copy on the internet but I decided to just let my pencil go.

I then coloured it in using a restricted palette of 3 pinks and 2 greens, I used brush felt pens. These are water-soluble so I did a bit of watercolour smudging of the colours.

I let it dry and then went over with a black marker to bring out the pattern, not sure if that was a good idea or not.25431

I have drawn out another couple of circles ready so may have another go when I need to calm a racing brain down.

Mandalas do have meanings but I am not really interested in the religious meaning, I just like them and the idea that just sitting quietly and drawing can be used as therapy.

Wikipedia has this:- A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols with a very different application. In modern, typically American and European use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any circle ornament which can be used as a relaxing tool, for diagnostic or in art therapy.


Well, thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week
love Rosie

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This week I’ve been having a go at a little woodwork. I have built a desk! In 12th scale naturally…

I have a storyline in my Instagram account at the moment where the man of the house is looking for refuge, he’s had his eye on the attic room. 1

So this week the handyman has been in and has re-laid a wooden floor and hung some bold wallpaper. Mr Eugene Carter has been scouring the furniture salesrooms for a desk and furniture for his new room and found this! It’s in the style of Chinese Black Lacquer work.

I made the desk with some wood and my junior hacksaw, a bit of sandpaper and glue. I realise this will not be winning any prizes but it will (apart from you few readers) only ever be seen on the Instagram feed in a Willow filter so I hope the slight wonkiness will go unnoticed! The drawers are just for show – there is a limit to my carpentry skills.

Once I’d made it I returned to my comfort zone and painted it in black acrylic paint.

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Then I sourced some patterns and picked a bit from here and a bit from there and started to decorate with these lovely gel pens (my new weakness) and once well and truly dry,  I varnished the whole thing.
Here he is buying the table – he’s got quite a bit of cash with him but I didn’t like to ask how much!
I then decorated a readymade little side table.

I must stop now – you can have too much of a good thing!

Thanks for reading,
back soon, Love Rosie


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The gift of drawing…

Another week of not much crafting I’m afraid, I’ve been reading some good books instead of listening to others reading to me whilst I draw or sew or crochet and working fuller days, then taking a trip to the south coast.

The reason for the trip was to visit my mother for her birthday, my daughter and I got her a joint birthday gift of some watercolour colouring pencils, brushes, a pencil sharpener and a most amazing book entitled “365 days of drawing” by Lorna Scobie. (Do click on the words in colour for a link to this book)
My daughter had this book last year and found it so enjoyable she suggested her Gran may enjoy it too!

I love drawing and doodling, “do you mind if I put you on hold…?” are words to gladden my heart, ooh a few minutes doodling time, thank you very much, and with mindfulness so prominent at the moment I can’t recommend it too highly.
You may have tried colouring in (One of the appeals of adult colouring books is that they help users relax and de-stress) but why not move on to drawing your own pictures?

This book is a great idea for those who already draw and are seeking inspiration, and those, I hope, like my mum who are perfectly capable (though poetry writing is her strength, proper poems which rhyme!) though maybe lack confidence in their artistic skill.

Well, I will try and do something creative myself this week!

Thanks for reading (no sponsorship on this or any of my blogs)
back soon,
love Rosie


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Painting flowers…

Last week I decided to upcycle some boxes which I had previously decorated and had tried to sell – sadly to no avail but I won’t give up!

These boxes are so handy, they are big enough  for pens and pencils or jewellery or just ‘stuff’ which accumulates everywhere…odd coins and buttons etc., etc.,

Anyway they are nice to decorate, and so I gave them a little rub down and then set about covering them in a black acrylic paint.
I let this properly dry, then decided on a stylised magnolia type flower – no prizes for botanical art would be won, but I liked the shape.

One box had some wooden butterflies which I had included in the black acrylic. I asked my Instagram followers what colour I should do the butterflies,

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The second box I just did one big flower. You may spot this one has textured paper fixed to the top – adds a nice texture when painting I found.

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Once dry, I varnished the boxes and have put them up in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading, back soon

love Rosie

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happy bunting…

I’ve been reading some good books lately – the most recent is a wonderful book by Lucy Mangan called Bookworm – a memoir of childhood reading.  I was slow to learn to read as a sickly child but once I got it, there was no stopping me and I really loved Enid Blyton.
There’s lots of bad press for Enid nowadays but I will always be grateful for her introducing me to the complete delight of losing oneself in a book.

All very lovely but it has cramped my crocheting on the bus! So now I’m back to listening to someone reading to me thanks to Audible and crocheting lots of flowers to make silly bunting.

There are loads of patterns for this type of thing, I started following a pattern and then started changing it to suit my preference for bigger or smaller petals… The wobbly eyes are stuck on with UHU and I use a gel by Dovecraft for drawing on the grins.

All for sale in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading,

back next week
love Rosie



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Little splodges of colour…

I recently went to London’s National Gallery for an exhibition on Leonardo de Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks. It was really good – over now though so I won’t go on and tell you what you missed!

Whilst walking through the gallery to find the exhibition we spotted quite a few favourites, we commented on how lucky we are to live so near London and get to visit this free venue as often as we please.

Anyway, I had purchased a little wooden chest of drawers from The Works (link to shop though I can’t find the actual drawers online they were £4) not long ago and decided that instead of decoupage (sticking papers) or painting flowers or patterns to decorate it, I would take inspiration from Théo van Rysselberghe’s work – simply named ‘Coastal Scene’.

Rysselberghe is said to have been influenced by the French Impressionists and Whistler. I stood and looked at this painting for a long time, it’s so simple in one way and so complicated in another – the colours are subtle and I love it.

So could I use this to decorate a small chest of drawers?

I decided to have a go…nothing ventured etc, and if I hate it I can sand it down and start over with something else.

First of all I painted the whole thing with gold acrylic paint and left it to dry completely.

Then I mixed myself a palette of white, green, yellow and blue and started to add the paint in small blobs.
I kept going until it was all covered… ( I checked the drawers would still open and close!)

When it was dry I went back with some more blobs to blend the different colours a little more.

I think I like it … but will have a good study before I varnish. Do let me know what you think of it.

Back next week,
love Rosie





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